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Content Submissions Clarifications

This announcement is no longer active


Thank you to bearing with us as we grow with the new Content Submissions feature here on the Initiative. We are still making adjustments as we continue forward to make it the attainable but also a challenge for users that are here to contribute.


At this time we have made some changes to the total amount of items that need to be submitted (again... sorry). We also made an approval time clarification and defined that all playby submissions must be new submissions.


We have additionally made a small change to the coterie perk. If you've become a content submitter in the past you'll have noticed you were never invited into the coterie mentioned on that page. I personally was struggling with the thought of having to kick people out of it (plain and simple). So, after a discussion within the staff we have chosen to make this specific perk permanent. This means once you're invited you have to leave of your own accord, you are permanently a content submitter even if you don't reach the status every month. Expect invitations within the next 1-2 days. If you don't get one please reach out to the staff in the Staff Contact center.


Finally, on our content submissions page we have added a nifty tool that will show you total submissions for each section and have a "Congratulations" button that informs you when you have reached this. Please understand that all submissions are checked manually on the first of the month so the congratulations button is not a guarantee, however, it is a good indicator and will be updated whenever we update submission amounts or add other submission types. This tool counts both approved and unapproved content It will be improved as we move forward with this program.


As always, we appreciate and thank you for all of your submissions here on the Initiative! We look forward to more contributions and continuing to make this place awesome!!

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