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How strange am I for not losing interest?

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Yes, this had been making me wonder for a while. It might be RP-related, but not only, because it applies to all realms of my life.

There are so many people who are enthusiastic for a few moments, then they are losing interest in whatever they liked before and find something else shinier.

Am I the strange one that I add new interests to the existing ones, instead of replacing them? (And also, in another context, am I the strange one for always sticking to my promise, even if it hinders me sometimes?)

I am interested in Age of Sail since I was 5 and my mother used to read to me a certain newly appeared book (which later I had read so many times that I almost learnt it by heart - and I don;t give you the title only because it is of a national author who I don't think anybody translated into English). And the first story featuring Marina and her brother was written when I was around 10, I think.

About the same age I got an interest in Native Americans - this time, my mother was reading to me Longfellow's "Hiawatha" retold for children. I keep the attraction for Wild West until now, and the first Wild West story I had written was when I was 11 or 12. At 12-13, I wrote already a Western "novel", as big as two full copybooks and about 7-8 chapters... (Don't laugh! I still keep it, even if it is nothing worth literarily!)

Every time I got a new interest, it added to the old ones, it hadn't replaced it. And I had plenty... Usually my interest is either in a certain genre of books, or in a national culture (sparked by songs or movies, and then getting to research, to read extensively, etc.).

So, I discovered Spain at 10, then at 12 Latin America, followed by Italy (and especially Venetian Middle Age culture) when I was 13, then Greece... Indian culture, Viking, Arabic and Jewish cultures came next. Precolombian America's in between, at about 11-12 too. I think the latest were the Japanese and Jewish one.

And about writing, I had for my stories either settings, or characters belonging to these various cultures.

I am not writing it to brag about my achievements, but to wonder if it's me the one who has something wrong for being like this, when most others I saw... simply aren't.

I mean, I know enough people who leave a story or a genre for having "lost interest". Well, if you have lost interest in a story, come with a plot you would like to write about! It is not as difficult in an environment open to everybody's suggestions. I had co-administrators who left after 2-3 months for having lost interest. And it is generally said that staff should be an example for the members.

All these, in the conditions when there is always something to be writing about, a new twist to be added... it takes only a little initiative and the desire to get involved.

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