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Pollen Season

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Ah, spring is here. The birds are singing, the snow has melted away and I can finally go outside without at least three layers. 


The perfect season. 


Except for one problem, pollen. Now fortunately I am not asthmatic, or extremely allergic to pollen, but still allergic enough that my eyes itch like crazy and I sneeze. A lot. And my sneezes aren't quiet or cute, they're those sudden loud sneezes that startle people out of their seats. You think I'm exaggerating? I've seen it literally happen, sitting in class we were all working in complete silence and I sneeze so hard my friend startles so badly she falls off her chair. That was hilarious. I love startling people, in he fun kind of way of course.


Anyway back to my point, so because of pollen season I sneeze a lot which means I also sneeze during lectures. Now a lot of people are using these small handheld recorders to record the lecture so they can listen to it later, and I never really thought about that until today. 


I was talking to another bio student I know in passing, and as we were talking I sneezed loudly and her eyes widen. 


"You!" She exclaims pointing an accusing finger at me. "You're the one who keeps sneezing when I listen to the recordings." 




So apparently I've got easily recognizable sneezes. Yay me...


The worst part is the worst has yet to come, the birch trees hasn't yet dropped their load and I am not looking forward to seeing everything I love covered in yellow pollen. Why does there have to be so many birch trees in Norway??? 



(translation: We're exterminating several species a day - can't we just saw those ----- birch-trees down?!)

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