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Ups And Downs

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I don't really know why I'm writing this, maybe to get it out somehow. It's late and I'll regret this tomorrow. 


Sometimes I don't handle things well, I get tired so easily. I love studying biology, but I don't always have the energy to be a student. It goes up and down. Sometimes I have days where I have so much energy, I get so much done, then I hit rock bottom and I lie in bed for an entire day. And then I just skip classes, and curl up with a book or some of my hobbies, trying to feel better. And I'm lonely, which is silly. I have several friends, family who lives nearby, and I know that my parents would come to pick me up for a visit home if I just asked.


I guess that is my problem, asking for help. "I'm fine." My most frequent lie. Those acting classes did pay off I guess. 


Most of those who know me know I struggle with migraines, a lot. They leave me so exhausted, both physically and emotionally. I can deal with the pain from the migraines, it's the exhaustion that tears me down. 


Today started good, I had plans to work on my ethics paper, then I had a migraine attack. I took a painkiller and slept for three hours. I woke up, so tired, so exhausted, I'm crying and shaking. 


I'm going to post this before I regret it and just delete it before even posting, as a reminder to myself. I have a bad habit of thinking I'm fine after I come up again from one of these downs, it's a cycle. Maybe if I see this tomorrow I'll actually gather up the courage to make an appointment with a psychologist, or just another appointment with the school councilor. Someone.


I'm sorry, this is a letter to myself on my public blog.... I hate it, but I think, I think if I don't post it somewhere I see it again I'll just keep going like I've done now for the last three years. Ignoring it. 

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I love you, and you know I'm always here if you need to talk. <3 Take care of yourself, okay?

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I was looking for an image or video of Matt Mercer saying something inspirational or comforting, but I only found his nostrils




I hope you find them comforting or inspiring.


I also hope you get to see a helpful shrink! 💖

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