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    The High King of Cuan Áille, a man who is at least 40 years old, and rules from the city of King's Watch. He is originally from Ironhaven, and earned his title by rallying a huge army over time and defeating the previous ruler. Throughout these battles he was advised by a pair of druids, the Mac Sloann brothers, one of which is written by me.

    Becoming the ruler of Cuan Áille is considered one of the greatest achievements to their people and the High King has begun to fall into the routine of living lavishly and comfortably. His reaction so far to the troubles in Mesnad are up to the player. Will he send an army with the dwarven prince to retake the mountain city, or will he choose to focus on the problems of his own country? Or, will he consider the dwarven plight an opportunity to expand his men's influence?


    The Chieftain of Darkwell is the last remaining chieftain slot available on Nightborn. This character is completely open for the roleplayer to shape, though they should be at least 25 years old.



    The Circle of Alder Grove are a group of unaligned mages who congregate in an abandoned fort in the western end of the Stoneroot wilds. The fort is within a damp, boggy area, and the dominant trees in the area are alder, hence their group's name. They have been dubbed 'witches' by druids because they dislike the untamed magic used by the people of Cuan Áille. They use staves with foci at one end to channel their magic through, believing these foci to redirect magic from their body and lessen the negative side-effects of magic use.

    The foci used by the Circle are gems mined by the dwarves of Mesnad and since the sacking of Mesnad. their fort's stock of these foci have been running low. The Circle could be a possible ally to the dwarves should the need arise, for the dwarves can offer more foci and the witches can offer manpower.

    These witches are not welcome in settlements by most druids, so many do not carry their staves in regions where the druids are particularly prickly about competition. Both males and females can join the Circle, though they are all referred to as witches.

    The Circle is lead by an Elder, the man/woman who first came up with the idea of channeling magic through foci, the witches, and initiate witches who have not yet received their own foci.


    THE END.

    The End are a cult who believe the failure of Samhain to properly end signifies the end of the world. They believe the spirit world is merging with the living world and that the living will be sucked into the realm of the dead, turning into ghosts. The cult believes the only way to survive is to become a lich, for a lich is not truly dead nor living. They are a cult of necromancers, in essence. Their words are, "We are The End."

    They have cleared a crypt of its draugar in the wilds outside of Darkwell and gather there, performing experiments on people they have kidnapped in order to find the best way to ascend to lichdom.

    The Cult Leader and his Cultists are available for roleplay.



    The Marchevoile patriarch is leader of the Marchevoile dryadal tribe, which inhabits the forests of Western Esmea. Marchevoile roughly translates to 'veil walkers'. Legends say that once upon a time, their tribesmen could temporarily enter the realm of the dead without undergoing the Affliction. Many tribesmen are skilled hydrosophists. The tribe tends to hug bodies of water when traveling. They have a shaky relationship with the Voleurvue tribe, particularly after this character's younger sister was recently stolen.

    The Voleurvue patriarch is leader of the Voleurvue tribe, which also inhabits the forests of Western Esmea. He is cold and calculating, with a violent streak. Voleurvue roughly translates to 'sight thieves'. Traditionally they would ritually blind their captured enemies. The most recent patriarch has begun to bring this practice back to the present in a bid to have the tribe once more be renowned as one that should not be threatened. The patriarch has recently stolen the sister of the Marchevoile patriarch, heightening tensions between the two tribes.

    There's also room for you to invent your own tribes!





    The Emperor of Xospijan's character, history and family tree is completely open for being shaped by the writer who chooses to play him. He should be at least 30 years old.


    The Tàiyáng guard is primarily made up of men. It is rare for women to be permitted to join, and the only cases have been when a woman's father has been in a position of influence and permitted it. Female members of the guard generally have to prove their worth more than their male counterparts. The Tàiyáng guard wields the power of Tàiyáng, the Sun god, and can thus summon the power of light to their fingertips. Their job is to protect the Emperor and the people of Xospijan, though some have been moved to man the new navy in recent years. The Commander of the guard, tw0 guard captains, two naval captains, and all other members of the guard are still available.






    The Ascendancy are a group of five immensely powerful wizards, representing each Great House in Hadatu. Great houses can be thought of as political parties rather than blood families. In other words, no real Hadatuan family has any of the Great house names as their surname. Each Great House has a number of sworn houses, noble families which pledge allegiance and also mostly practice the magic of that House. A new ascendant can be from any of these sworn houses, gaining their role through an hierarchical system in which a current ascendant may train their child for the role, or through a magical duel to the death.


    The Ascendant of Great House Nimir is a specialist of necromancy.


    The Ascendant of Great House Aeolus is a specialist of aerotheurge.


    The Ascendant of Great House Nymphaea is a specialist of geomancy.


    The Ascendant of Great House Sekhmet is a specialist of pyromancy.


    The Ascendant of Great House Mayyah is a specialist of hydrosophism.






    The Golden Horde are an unaligned mercenary company and their forces can be bought by anyone who has the coin to pay them. In the past they have been bought by great houses warring with other great houses, but nowadays, members of the company are generally bought in smaller numbers to guard trading ships and caravans. Their name refers to the yellow headscarves they wear and the gold-plated pommels of their swords.

    The Commander and members of the Horde are needed.






    The Dwarven Prince and his current family tree are completely open, though his father, the King, is dead. He has traveled south to King's Watch along with the rest of the dwarven survivors, hoping for refuge and aid in retaking the dwarven city of Mesnad.






    The Shrouded are assassins, thieves and rebels, all in one. There are two chapters, a Xospijanian chapter and a chapter in Behestun.

    In Behestun, the Shrouded are men and women who tire of the Great Houses and their subterfuge, magical wars and hording of wealth. The Shrouded use shadow magic to hide themselves from view while they steal or assassinate. The goal of the faction was originally to redistribute wealth to those in lower castes of society, and while this is still the purpose of most members, there are some who have begun to horde wealth for themselves, taking out assassination contracts not because the kill would benefit society, but because it will lead to riches. The Shrouded are slowly becoming feared by even the people they were meant to represent and protect, as they have begun to accept assassination contracts for people that have done nothing wrong, other than annoy another member of society. This shift in purpose began with the most recent guildmaster and his/her followers.


    In Xospijan, the Shrouded are still true to their original purpose, stealing from the nobility and giving to those in need. They are angry that Xospijan's poor are squashed together in slums, where disease can fester and multiple homes can be destroyed by fire in a matter of minutes, should one start.


    The Guildmaster of the Behestun chapter and the Guildmaster of the Xospijanian chapter are both available, as are guild members.

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