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    Alicia Fortier: Wampus senior, 17/18. No-maj born (aka muggleborn). Older sister to Enzo Fortier. Major sibling rivalry. Competitive, extroverted show-off. Prefect, possibly Head Girl. Has a secret identity (will explain privately). Possibly ex-girlfriend of Gideon Smith.  Mother is unknowingly descended from Scourers and has an ingrained hatred/fear of magic. She deserted the family as soon as Alicia showed signs of magical ability.

    I would like for her and her brother to stay at odds for the foreseeable future. They have hated each other since they were toddlers. It's going to take a lot of work to have them get along, if it goes that way.

    Playby is negotiable. Needs to bear some sort of resemblance to Dylan Everett. I imagine her as Lily Collins, but this is negotiable.


    Unknown name, formerly Sinclair Odelia Tipple: Pukwudgie? 6th grader, 11/12. Half sister of Enzo and Alicia Fortier. Was given up for adoption  as soon as she showed magical ability. She doesn't know she has half-siblings, let alone that they're at the school with her, and they don't know about her, either... yet. She may be one of the children that was taken in by the dark wizard and recently released from his safe houses! I imagine her as Hope Fleury, but this is negotiable. 


    Inquire through PM here or in our discord server https://discord.gg/dRppYWt (My nickname is Snick)



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