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  • A snake & a spellcaster

    So. This is a really, really open request.  Submitted originally on our site, by our Joaquin. 

    Almost everything about the character is up to whoever creates them.  But the basic idea is they are a connection to Joaquin in that after he fled juvie (and Jughead and The Serpents who caught up with him for questioning) he wound up hiding out in Greendale. Seeking out the help of a witch/warlock. Knowing of and believing in their existence, as they are often talked about in folklore of the culture in his heritage. And being the kind of guy who's always got his ear to the ground. He is well aware of Greendale's reputation. Even having heard certain names brandished about while he was inside being implicated as witches, by other inmates. He knew where to look.

    Finding the witch/warlock - which would be the character this request is for. They struck a deal, the contents of which to be figured out and plotted between yourself & Joaquin if you take this role. Getting the witch/warlock to enchant a corpse with a cloaking spell, making it look like Joaquin, so he could fake his death and effectively 'disappear'.

    That is their role within Joaquin's life. The actual deal they make, and how it ties them together is up for discussion with the player.  As is. What their relationship/dynamic is afterwards. As for the rest of the character details, age, gender, sexuality, face claim, their bio and personality. It is all completely, up to you.  Though if there is the hope of this blossoming into a complicated love interest, it has to be male, & the face claim choice needs to be approved first. Though note- this does not have to end up being a romantic connection. Or even an end game one.


    So come on! Don't be shy. Join us, and come and plot with a fallen Serpent. You'll have plenty of opportunity to plot with other people too.  You don't need to be just lumbered with Joaq.

    He does  have discord available for discussing/plotting details more in depth. Inbox me here or just pop over to the site itself if you have any questions. 

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