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    ATLA Most Wanted Canons

    We have most of the Avatar: The Last Airbender canons available for taking on Resurgence, but right now there are specific ones that we're looking for. These have immediate plots that they can be partaking in and we'd like to get them going as soon as we can. Resurgence is a sandbox, set a year after the defeat of Ozai and the end of the Hundred Year War. From there, we take it any direction we want, ignoring the comics and The Legend of Korra in favour of creative freedom. (Players are welcome to incorporate ideas from either post-series material into their plots.)


    As the Avatar, Aang is playing a major part in the world's reconstruction and acts something as insurance; the nations can easily devolve back into a war without he and Zuko working very closely together to ensure it doesn't. As most of the Air Nomads are now gone, as well (not all, we accept part-blood nomads/airbenders), Aang speaks for them. There are four other airbenders on the site now that he can meet and get to know, as well as maybe help train. Aang will be important for the National Council faction, and will also likely be involved in the fight against the human trafficking rings at the Fire Nation colonies.


    Ty Lee
    Our Azula would like Ty Lee - things will be rough at first but eventually they may be able to be friends - and Ty lee is a very good influence for Azula because she has such a positive demeanor. We also have a Mai who would enjoy having her friend around. So far we don't have any Kyoshi Warriors from Suki's village, but there are still a few floating around if that interests anyone as well.


    Sokka is Katara's brother, and a powerful nonbender who will one day inherit the southern water tribe. We currently have his sister and the entire rest of the Gaang, so it'd be great to have Sokka around too! We also do have a Suki in play.


    If you're interested in a want here, either drop a comment, you can PM me, contact me on Discord, or visit the site. You can technically just come make them. c:

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