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  • Blood Stained Deeds


    A rebellion rages in the Kingdom of Draiwen as the land grows ever more enveloped in winter. Spies lurk in the castle, awaiting their next opportunity to strike, while the royal army pushes on to eradicate the uprising. Meanwhile, across the sea, on the throne of the kingdom of Myrh sits a mad king, a self-proclaimed god. His litany of bastards fill the kingdom, and everyone struggles to carve out a piece of power for themselves.






    Nimue Valefar

    PB: Gina Carano

    When everyone is looking to take, you must be able to give... a sword to the gut. Despite discouragement from learning how, Nimue is better with a sword than most would be willing to test themselves against. She stands with her brother to protect her family against a court of wolves and snakes. It's complicated by a nephew's illegitimate lineage that has forced the family to court.


    Character Connections Already in Play: Brother, Sister-in-law, Nephews, Enemies, Potential lover


    The Illicit Lovers






    Caelia Dagon

    PB: Marion Cotillard


    Caelia is the bastard child of a madking and a woman of absolute ambition.  Her parents raised her to be a queen and nearly everything she has done has been in pursuit of this with the exception of her love affair with one of the king's other bastards, Lucan Storm.  Married to the King's Torturer, her affair with Lucan is a secret that could end her life.  Caelia is no put upon woman, however, playing both men equally.  She enjoys the control she has over Lucan, getting him to do her bidding, stringing him along even though she would give up even him to become Queen.  Complicating such matters is her husband's daughter from a previous marriage who knows of her secret affair, her lover's growing obsession with her step-daughter as he works to bring down her husband, and her other half-siblings who have similar ambitions to her own.


    Character Connections Already in Play:  Husband, step-children, half-siblings/rivals, father



    Lucan Storm

    PB: Matthew Goode


    One of the king's many bastards, Lucan Storm has always been a man who has preferred the appearance of seeing entirely uninvolved with court scandals.  He has been in love with his half-sister, Caelia, since he first arrived at his father's court, trying to get her to run away with him.  She refused and so he has stayed, wrapped up in all of the games that they play.  Though he acts a gentleman who never gets his hands dirty,  he relishes in manipulation.  He has a long-standing hatred for Caelia's husband, Lord Dagon, and would like to see nothing more than the man destroyed.  He's developed a fascination with the man's mad daughter and would delight in using her to utterly destroy the man.   He might not want to be King, but Lucan is a man who works to get what he wants and destroy who he wants.


    Character Connections Already in Play:  Various half-siblings, main rival, lover's stepdaughter/object of interest



    If interested, feel free to stop by the board, pm me here, or hop on our site discord:  https://discordapp.com/invite/SWjQZft.


    Board link: http://xroyalsandrebels.jcink.net/index.php?act=idx

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    I saw this ad then went on to read facts from the board and Lyona's own backstory and was completely taken in.

    I've played antagonistic characters before, but no one quite like Balan. I am interested in his character and the challenge it would take to write his story and see how he weaves through the lives of Malphas, Dak, Iseult, Lyona, Ximena, and Krispin.


    I'm still in the process of catching up on the site's lore and backstory, but would very much like to audition for this character. I've written a Journal entry from Balan's point of view as a rough exercise, I'm still trying to get a feel for who he is and what he is like. I would love to discuss his character further too if possible~! I'll try messaging on the site's board too when I get home later today.

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    Saw you on the site, but I am completely thrilled ❤️  Let's definitely chat next time you are online.   I would love to see that journal entry and am happy to start plotting/help with anything.  Very excited!

    Edited by The Rebel

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