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    Burdened Brother | Mage

    Cian Winther is the eldest child and only son of Mikael and Aislin Winther. Mikael leads the Winther family, a family of mages tracing their lineage back to the Early Middle Ages. Theirs is a proud family that values loyalty, generosity, resilience, and integrity. They don’t limit their concept of family to blood relatives, which means Cian grew up with a large, strong community around him. It’s a community he’s expected to lead one day.

    The thing is, Cian’s not an exceptional caster. His father isn’t either. The Winther family has a shortage of those these days, which led to Cian’s younger sister, Elise, being arranged to marry Lucius Blackwood, in a move that essentially resulted in the Winther family being absorbed by the Blackwoods. An alliance by marriage was a somewhat sudden plan, established after Cian’s grandfather was murdered. Cian was present when his grandfather was killed, along with Elise (I can tell you more!). Things have been complicated and far from safe for the Winthers since then. They’re still trying to get to the bottom of who’s responsible for that murder, and they’re still keeping most of the details of his death and the subsequent trouble to themselves.

    If he can’t use magic to gain leverage for his family, Cian’s only option is to expand their business in construction and logistics. Leviston’s a great place to do that. . . And keep an eye on Elise.

    Some more things to know:

    • The Winthers made their home in a small city in France centuries ago. Cian's used to traveling the globe, but home's in France.
    • Cian and Elise have a little sister, Hannah (also played).
    • Elise recently hired a shadowbroker, Sola Bron, to investigate who's behind the attacks on the Winthers. Hacker Trey Lennox (played by Elle) has been snooping around a lot of private info, including some pertaining to Cian.
    • Cian’s a pretty normal, humble guy for someone born at the top of a mage family. He’s a little too good at brawling, and he doesn’t give off an air of pretentiousness. He grew up in a local pub.
    • Cian has a soft spot for misfits, screw-ups, and underdogs.
    • He occasionally hangs around at The Midnight Room, a club that doubles as an entrance to the criminal underground.
    • He’s very possibly relocating to Leviston permanently, to be close to Elise and the kind of business that might benefit his family. . . And stay out of trouble.
    • A few months back, he was missing for a moment in the Winther’s hometown after his friend was found half-dead. He was suspected as the one who killed a vampire that turned up around the same time, an incident assumed to be connected to his friend’s injuries. Elise and Lucius found him in a drunken, drugged stupor (partly influenced by his friend-slash-sort-of-ex-girlfriend Aida). Officially, Cian had nothing to do with the dead vampire.
    • Cian’s a protective older brother. He hates that Elise had to marry Lucius for the benefit of their family, as he never wanted her to have to make that kind of sacrifice. He feels an immense amount of responsibility for the Winthers and is concerned about the Blackwoods’ influence.


    Other notes: This is pretty flexible. Cian has been mentioned in threads and whatnot, but he hasn’t been played previously. Lucius, Elise, Sola, and Trey are already in the action, along with Kassandra Donnadieu, a family friend. I’ll be able to tell you a bit more and would be happy to brainstorm with you if you’re interested in snagging this fellow!

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