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    Bury My Love In the Moondust



    Derek ---- 28. Human or Vamp/Werewolf Hybrid. Tyler Hoechlin. Reincarnated Lover from 800 AD and additional final.


    So “Derek” here is the reincarnation of Theodoric who was the beloved of my Original Werewolf back in 800 A.D. Roughly. In present day though he was given away for adoption, perhaps for similar reasons that Hayley Marshall may have been. He would be the identical twin of Mason Langly who is a Hybrid created by Hope. So, at this point I feel having “Derek” as an Untapped Werewolf would be the best thing to go with. However, he would need to activate his curse eventually on site and also for drama eventually get turned into a Hybrid by Hope. Because I don’t think Alvarr could handle “Derek” being mortal and being forced to watch him age and die. This likely would cause drama between the two, but I don’t imagine Alvarr would be able to let him go again.


    Regardless of that Alvarr is with Luthor Mikaelson currently and as far as plotting goes that plans to be permanent. So effectively it would be a sort of open/Poly relationship at least in theory. I am thinking “Derek” might be in the know of the supernatural and maybe he is a new teacher at the Salvatore School even though he might think he is human, or if not he could be another profession or something. One big thing to mention is that “Derek” would be having flashbacks to his former life as “Theodoric”. Perhaps mostly scenes with Alvarr not that he would be able to recognise Alvarr in them. This would likely have some form of effect on his emotions so he night not be 100% stable. So I would love it if on meeting Alvarr if Alvarr would become a sort of rock to stabilize “Derek” as their relationship develops all over again, as the stars aligned once for them and as they say the past repeats itself. I would also recommend looking at Fenris’ Wanted for Mason as well, for other ideas if you need them.


    So, hit me up in dm via the End Game server and we can scheme! As I wanted to discuss the finer details with any potential players for him!

    Here is a link to the original add here -> http://endgamev1.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=248

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