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  • Canons for multiple settings

    Twilight most wanted:

    • Esme Cullen
    • Emmett Cullen
    • Jasper Hale
    • Jacob Black


    Buffy the Vampire Slayer most wanted:

    • Willow Rosenberg
    • Xander Harris
    • Rupert Giles
    • Dawn Summers
    • Spike
    • New slayers


    This Is Us most wanted:

    • Rebecca Pearson
    • Randall Pearson
    • Kate Pearson
    • Beth Pearson
    • Toby Damon
    • Miguel Rivas


    Skulduggery Pleasant most wanted:

    • Skulduggery Pleasant
    • Dexter Vex
    • Anton Shudder
    • Saracen Rue
    • Fletcher Renn


    Switched at Birth most wanted:

    • Daphne Vasquez
    • Tyler Mendosa
    • Toby Kennish
    • Lily Summers-Kennish
    • Mary Beth
    • Travis Barnes
    • Emmett Bledsoe


    Percy Jackson most wanted:

    • Annabeth Chase - specifically requested by Percy Jackson player
    • Grover Underwood
    • Luke Castellan
    • Chiron
    • Thalia Grace
    • Clarissa La Rue
    • Tyson


    Lost in Austen most wanted:

    • Amanda Price [Elizabeth's replacement]
    • Elizabeth Bennet
    • Jane Bennet
    • Charles Bingley
    • Emma Woodhouse
    • George Knightley
    • Anne Elliot
    • Frederick Wentworth


    Shadowhunters most wanted:

    • Jace Wayland/Herondale
    • Clary Fray
    • Isabelle Lightwood
    • Simon Lewis
    • Luke Garroway
    • Maryse Lightwood

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