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    Deeds, Not Words

    This is for an original fantasy site that is now private. It has only four races, and its premise can be summed up with humes suddenly started doing magic, and then started losing their minds, and supposedly the Messiah's going to kill everyone that's not a mage someday. Think Game of Thrones with a little extra magic and a couple other races. I kind of ramble aimlessly below, I am very sorry.


    This request is for the male leader of House Wynbrandt, Evadne's husband, and of course Yishai's father. Wynbrandt are the most powerful lower noble line in the bunch, actually, due to their massive merchant ship fleet. With the recent collapse of House Kenleigh, which was the second most powerful mercantile house after House Asheron, Wynbrandt have become the main controllers of the trade routes and sea transport. This means if you're sending anything from somewhere to another place that isn't right down the street, you're probably sending it via Wynbrandt's networks. One can see why this makes Wynbrandt a bit more powerful than anyone would really like, but they're generally fairly beloved, and a vassal of House Essair, which affords them a good deal of protection.


    Evadne most likely was intended to lead House Teresi, but decided to marry into Wynbrandt instead. Could be she thought it more prudent, but I was thinking more of the angle of childhood friends that wanted to help each other, and they may not love one another, but are at least close friends. Yishai is their only son, and unfortunately he is very ill and unlikely to make it past his 24th year (he is currently 19). Neither Evadne nor her husband want to give the impression they're trying to replace him, so they haven't attempted to have another child, and might be waiting until Yishai passes before they do. Unfortunately, Evadne is getting older, and may not be able to conceive by the time he has passed, which being fair, may be the other reason. The older you are, the more dangerous pregnancy is, of course. In any case, Yishai's not spoilt, but he is doted on a bit, and always has a guard of some kind. His most recent guard is a former blood fighter (think Roman gladiator) around his age. Shai also very much dislikes slavery and will generally refuse to have anything to do with it, given the choice, but both Evadne and her husband are aware they are likely one of the best options in Dalmasca, because they are kind but Dalmasca is not.


    House Wynbrandt became vassal of House Essair due to the house almost going bankrupt a few years prior to the game start. Essair pulled them out of their financial jam, and all Kassandros asked in return was their loyalty. He is very good to his vassal houses, so Wynbrandt is generally left to their own devices and Essair offers help when they need it, and occasionally has some weird requests, due to Kassandros' being a seer, but never anything truly dangerous, and fairly infrequently. It all makes sense eventually, as well. The Wynbrandts honestly can't complain.


    House Essair are soon to leave Dalmasca and move to the Free City of Saqqara. Evadne wants to follow, because frankly, she doesn't want to raise her son in this stupid country, and maybe a Free City has medical answers re: Yishai's condition (works a bit like tuberculosis meets muscular atrophy), that Dalmasca just doesn't have the technology level for. So she will be pushing for Wynbrandt following Essair. Eventually Essair's group will grow too large for Saqqara to support comfortably, and Kassandros will strike them out into the wilderness and establish a new Free City, Luxerion, likely on the coast as the city they're from in Dalmasca is also coastal and many of them will be missing the water by then. Lol Wynbrandt are most likely to end up fairly powerful in Luxerion, too, perhaps not noble the same way, but the trade routes and market in the city, as well as the city's governmental treasury, are likely to be things Wynbrandt manages, perhaps with some help from Asheron and the remnants of Kenleigh.


    Mostly some fun political stuff, and family fluff, here. =] If you're interested in the site, let me know and I can link you to lore and help you get started. We do accept new members, we're just not interested in accepting any ol' Joe off the street (doing so tends to end badly for everyone).

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