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    NATE/NATHANIEL/NATHAN LASTNAME OPEN. 39-40. Werewolf. PB: Chris Evans



    This character is the Romeo to Elizabeth De Luca's Juliet. When they 16-18 (her age range) they were secretly dating. Being from rival packs they to keep it quiet. She had decided to tell her family and to take it public/leave her pack, when her parents assured her if she didn't go through with the arranged marriage they had for her, they, her brother and this character would be in danger. So she ended things out of nowhere and married her husband, her pack alpha. However, it was only after she went through with her wedding (at 18) that she discovered she was already pregnant, so her daughter Nathalia De Luca, is the product of this relationship and not her husbands like the husband always believed. There is a chance this character suspected this all along, or maybe not. She finally told their daughter about him now that her husband was killed a few months ago and she is finally free.






    This ad is quite open. Essentially this character would have been put in charge by new Alpha Elizabeth De Luca , a few months ago, to track down Olivia Venturi and her son and convince them to come back with them to the Edenbridge pack and keep them safe. 

    This character would have had a really tough job gaining her trust but seeing as she is now in town, they obviously succeeded. I would like to think of this character as the one person she knows she can turn to since they saw her at one of her lowest moments and managed to help her out of it. 

    They also would be one of the only people in the pack to know her real backstory, not the lie that the Alpha spun to protect her. Which was that her mate had died and she was being brought to Edenbridge with her son for a fresh start and to potentially find a new mate. 

    Ultimately this ad is for a friend and confidant, but there is potential for romance as well depending on how things go and how they interact I suppose. It could be interesting. The face is open to negotiation as well I love Aaron but am open to discussion.




    open name. supernatural hunter. 42+ suggested PB: nikolaj coster-waldau

    For fellow hunter Alexandra Parker. This is the  one person in her life, who, though she would deny it, she is basically in some sort of a relationship with and has been for a five years since her daughter was seven. When they're together, they're together and she trusts him implicitly with the lives of both her and her daughter. 

    Still, she has convinced herself they're just friends...with benefits. They both have, even though she can't put it into words she believes that labelling it will destroy it, and she doesn't want to lose someone she loves again.

    Open to discussing more details and different faces as well. They would have met on a hunting job, or maybe at a hunters bar etc. Definitely through the business.



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