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    Our site is new and we're looking for all sorts of characters to fill in!  


    The decades-long Peloponnesian war is over and Sparta reigns supreme. Now a new monarchy in Attica must pick up the broken pieces of the war-torn peninsula and shape it to the future. But just because the war is over doesn’t mean that battles on the home front do not rage on. Tyranny and Democracy war for supremacy in Athens and it remains to be seen which will prevail while Sparta battles with helots and pride from within.  


    Eleutheria is a realistic Historical forum set in Classical Greece in the year 403 BC with a bit of a twist. What would Ancient Greece be without the stories of the Gods to influence the mortal humans that worshiped them?   As the only active Historical Greek site on Jcink, we've done our best to create lore that is understandable, relevant, and accurate for the time. We are an engaged group of writers who love to plot and create stories while ensuring all members feel welcome, included, and valued for their ideas and content. Come explore Classical Greece with us!

    Currently our site is looking for:  

    Governing Clans
    Members of Various Monarchies including kings and queens

    Individual Requests

    Faction & Group Requests

    Plot Requests


    Mythological Characters (ratio based) 



    Oracles & Prophets


    We are an all inclusive community that is incredibly friendly!  We want every members plot to be important!  Not just a few select few whose plots supersede everyone else's on the site.  We are a reactive community; meaning nothing in story is set in stone and can be changed at any time depending on how the characters proceed and we'd love to have you!  Come check us out and drop us a message in the discord!  

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