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  • Ex-Turned-Stepbro

    Phoenix Green: Thunderbird Junior, 16/17. Pureblood. Ex-boyfriend and soon-to-be step-brother of Becca Miller. Rumor has it that he has a new girlfriend (could be just a rumor or you could bring a friend to play his new arm candy).  We envisioned him hooking up with another unclaimed character, Alicia Fortier, but that is just one possibility.

    Personality suggestions: Charismatic. Indifferent. Confident. Anarchist, maybe?

    His dad met Becca's mom when they side-alonged the two to a date and hit it off. They're getting married on Halloween with Nix as best man and Bec as maid of honor. He and Becca have hardly spoken a word to each other in the past few months. Becca has a new boyfriend, so this isn't a 'rekindling' thing - but that doesn't mean he couldn't TRY to rekindle things.


    I need him ASAP, even if only for the wedding that is coming up quickly. I haven't even so much as NPC'd him because I want to give whoever takes him over as much freedom to make him their own as possible. 


    Playby is negotiable if you can suggest a better one. For now, his face is Cole Sprouse.

    user posted image


    Message me on Discord for more deets!  MamaMitchell#5697

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