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  • Faculty for Magical School

    Faculty Position - Character Name - Playby - Personality

    Nurse - Bruna Henspit  - Kathy Najimy - Waaaay too happy to do her job, a little cuckoo

    Headmaster - Agilbert Fontaine - Phillipe Dumas - Impartial, understanding, old-fashioned (currently played by an admin just because he is necessary)

    Secretary - Grisela Stewbone - Betty White - Snarky, funny

    Librarian/Free Study - Simone Warthex - Queen Latifah  - Friendly unless you disrespect her books or rules

    Maintenance - William the Pukwudgie - ????? - Grumpy, grumpy, grumpy!


    The following do not have set playbys. Applicants may choose to either assume the role of the NPC'd character or substitute their own original character.

    Deputy Headmistress - Miss Delia Pennybottom - OPEN - Strict, unwavering
    Magical History - Atticus Locke - OPEN - Boring, homework happy
    Astronomy - Elanor Malvina - OPEN - Night owl, manic
    Magical Sports/Flying - Penelope Peachtree - OPEN - Athletic, major school spirit
    Divination - Jace Starke - OPEN - Kooky, spooky, ooky... all the Addams Family things


    Faculty may also choose to be an advisor to one of these clubs, but it isn't necessary: music club, tabletop club, art club,  theater club, book club.


    Inquire through PM here or in our discord server https://discord.gg/dRppYWt

    013117-In-Style-MAR2017-FQL-Queen-Latifa henspit.jpgWilliam-the-Pukwudgie.pngphilippe-dumas-jessica-prautzsch-8775.jp

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