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    Future Final

    My character's background: 


    Kendall Du Marais is a Fae from the Summer Seelie Court. She tends to be responsible and a bit uptight, and follows her younger sister around to make sure she stays of trouble. Having just arrived in New York City, Kendall is taking some time away from their hometown in Georgia to explore what she wants to do with her life. She is searching for her purpose while trying to adhere to the rules set forth by the Court. 


    What I am looking for: 


    I am looking for a future final relationship. With that being said, I am willing to throw her at anyone to see if they connect, and I will only pursue a final if the character made for her connects with her. It's all about character chemistry, so please keep that in mind if you take this ad. I don't want anyone to be disappointed later if things don't work out.

    I believe Kendall's sexuality is based on her connections with others. Someone would have to break through the wall she puts up to keep bad things out of her life. With that being said, I can picture her connecting with someone who is completely wrong for her. What I mean by that is someone that she thinks she shouldn't ever want to be with or develop feelings for. I see her trying to fix a bad boy/girl type (someone snarky, difficult, blunt, and into shady business), and while she is trying to show them the way to a better life, she falls for them. It would cause a lot of conflict for her, and a lot of drama for them, especially since there is the potential for the Seelie Court to look down on the person she chooses to be with. 

    If you are creating a male for her, I'd like Taylor Lautner to be the face claim because of gif spam. For a female, the face claim is open. Their blood status and species is up to you, but I would prefer someone considered lesser than those accepted by the Seelie Court. Background is also open, but I'd like them to be a bad boy/girl for a reason. 

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