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    Mirandie has never thought of herself as a bad person, even as a pickpocket child, she simply sees it as taking from those who have plenty. And she has never taken from a poor person, and she thinks that she has earned everything she now has. She is the woman that slept with the widowed merchant (she never killed his wife) until he married her. Then she got him to sign his businesses over to her in his will instead of his useless, selfish children. When he died, she took the lot, and moved on. And why not, she had been the one to lay under the fat greasy pig, knowing he had watched her grow and coveted her. She earned her money.


    And the Chevelair and Baron she married, both old and in their doting years, both with children who never came except when they wanted something, and both insisted they got their wedding nights under her, and every night thereafter. Did she kill them, (though rumour says she did) no. So why not walk away after they died with what she was owed. Currently, a Barony. She gave them the best last year's of their lives, after all, look at her.


    Dusky skin, black hair, straight nose, lilac eyes, and a body that most Adepts would kill for. And a talent for changing her name slightly.


    Now enter the Investigator. For the sake of this, we'll call him Henry (though name will be down to the writer.)


    He was hired by the children by one of these men, be it the merchant (who she worked for first), the Chevalier or the Baron. It depends on the age of Henry, and how long he has been investigating or bounty hunting (not that she has a bounty on her.)


    Now, we have quite a few options for this ship, and I'm fairly flexible.


    Option One: Henry has been following Mirandie since the Merchant died. The Merchant’s children claim that Mirandie (known as Mircil back then) was their maid, rescued from the streets. They could claim that Mir killed their mother and then seduced, married and killed their father. Henry could have been looking into her since then.


    Added Possibility:: She knew he was following, and she seduced him and they spent the night together. And since then they have spent nights together, though he thinks she is guilty and it drives him away from her, but still they end up together again and again.


    Option Two: Henry caught wind off the rumours about this Black Widow, and being a good Kings guardsman, he had decided to bring her in. Except for no proof. So he decides to try and seduce her to get close enough to find it, but you can't kid a kidder and she knows. Or maybe she is taken in. Maybe he makes it so they come across each other time and again, but is always the one to leave her. Or she him. How many times can you sleep with someone before you start to have feelings for them?


    Option Three: I am open to ideas and suggestions!


    My only wants: Henry Cavill face, a complicated slow burn, and they are each others finals!


    I can be contacted by PM on the site, post in this thread or on Discord @LuLuBlue #1171. I look forward to writing with you!

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