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  • In Sleep he Sang to Me

    Alright, so this is an idea that I've been playing around with. I'm a huge Phantom of the Opera fan and thought it would be fun to adapt some of the plot-lines from Phantom onto the Supernatural site I'm on. The Devil's Playground is set in London and rather than setting up at an Opera House, we're setting up in the Royal London Theater, which still does live performances. The Theater itself is owned by a vampire named Nathaniel Flemming and for this plot, he will be slotted into the spots of Richard Firmin and Gilles Andre. I have them listed here by their Phantom names but please, make them your own. You don't need to keep to the play names.  If you'd like to chat more you can find me on discord @ Kaay#6347 or visit The Devil's Playground.



    Nate owns the Theater Royal and has spent quite a few years with rumors of a ghost that lurked within his theater. It wasn't until he hired on Christine and activities began to pick up. The first note that appeared in his office was quite literally a note encouraging him to bend to his will as the previous owners had. Naturally, Nate did nothing of the sort and more accidents began to befall himself and his cast. Although originally Nate was thinking perhaps that it was indeed a ghost, recent events have pushed him more towards the idea of it being another Kindred. A Nosferatu perhaps who either resided under the theater or had a haven nearby. In the last six months, things around the theater have been quiet. But Nate's recently received a note addressed to him and detailing just what he would do should Nate refuse him again.



    The Theater ghost, as dubbed by most of the Theater Royal's cast, is nothing more than a Nosferatu who has become enthralled with the Theater's lead soprano. A beautiful woman with a heart of gold, who's longed for a moment to shine all her life. He's lived in the catacombs under the theater since he was embraced into the Nosferatu or Malkavian clan, and was there long before Nate bought the theater and turned it into the successful business it is now. His love for this mortal, however, has begun to twist as it's obsession grows more and more and on more than on occasion, he's come close to breaking the Masquerade, something that endangers not only the rest of the Kindred Community as a whole but the people who work inside the theater. He's been quiet for the last six months or so, but most recently there have been whispers of his return throughout the Theater.



    Theater Royal's Lead Soprano. She's a fairly new face to Nate's Theater Company but is someone who he's come to trust quite well. Unbeknown to all of her fellow cast members and Nate himself, she's been meeting with the Nosferatu/Malkavian, who's managed to conceal himself from her for the most part. While she was keen on his guidance and suggestions in regards to her voice and how to better develop her song, things crossed rather quickly from being sweet and innocent to have taken on a far more darker and obsessive tone. While she's sure that no one else has ever seen The Phantom, Christine has begun to confide in Nate her fears about this unusual tutor, which puts Nate himself in the cross-hairs. Although Christine is unaware of the recent note that Nate has received, it won't be long before she's pulled right back into his world.



    Meg is one of the dancers who is permanently employed at the Theater Royal. She's a ghoul of Nate's and has proven to be quite useful since arriving at the theater almost four years ago now. She's also become very good friends with Christine and tends to keep the singer on her toes, whilst still maintaining the Masquerade whenever she's around those who are still unaware. When Christine first began talking about this mysterious tutor, Meg didn't believe her. Instead, she made a comment about Christine having found a Patron who was bankrolling her. It, however, wouldn't be long after that point, that Meg would receive a note from someone telling her to leave Christine alone. That her interference would only bring dark things down upon them all. Foolishly, Meg disregarded the note and continued to parade around with Christine, pulling the other woman away from her 'lesson's and ultimately would be responsible for the first accident within the theater.



    It's not at all uncommon for Nate to cycle actors and actresses through his theater. After all it's quite often that most of those that work for his company, tend to use him as a springboard to launch their careers. But Carlotta, she was a different matter altogether. She was one of the more entitled and self-centered mortals that Nate ever had the displeasure of working with and when the current production had finished, he'd subtly told her that he refused to extend her contract. Opting instead to give someone new the chance to shine in the spotlight. What Nate never expected to happen, was that Carlotta would go digging into his background in hopes of finding something she could use against him as a form of Blackmail. While there are things that Nate keeps well covered, Carlotta became a woman on a mission and has become obsessed with finding out the truth about Nate and what skeleton's he's keeping in his closet. If she were to learn about his true nature, she would pose a huge threat to the masquerade and would need to be dealt with.

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