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  • If interested, please feel free to contact me on Royals and Rebels (cbox or Discord is fine), or my Discord (Grinbin#5454)!


    Rohar Vyrwel

    (PB: Reeve Carney)


    Rohar is the cousin of the royal family. His aunt was queen, and his father was close friends with and a military leader for Aeron. He has never been one for fighting and war, preferring a social setting. As such, he does not get along well with his father. He retreated to the family estate for a time, and during his absence from court, fell into the clutches of the rebellion who use him as an unwilling spy, threatening the lives of his parents should he not comply. It was his information that allowed the rebellion to capture the royals and that resulted in the disappearance of Eleana. No one knows he's a spy, though the royals are on high alert for any signs of who might have leaked the information. As stated before, Niclas cherishes his family beyond all other things. As a socialite himself, and particularly as soeone who also cannot get along with Rohar's father, Niclas has generally been sympathetic to Rohar, and has recently implored him to stay at the castle given the recent happenings.


    Lilliyan Lothstonior

    (PB: Sophie Turner)


    The Lothstonior line has ruled over Draiwen for generations, but recent troubles have left the kingdom dealing with resource shortages and a rebellion. So Lilliyan, the youngest of four, has spent most of her life in the castle with her three siblings. Her mother left on a diplomatic mission before Lilliyan was old enough to have memories of her and has only just returned after just over two decades of absence with two bastard children in tow. Her father died five years ago battling rebels. Her oldest brother was torn apart by an angry mob mere weeks ago. Her older sister disappeared not long after in a kidnapping that was almost lead to a rebel victory. Niclas, her last remaining sibling, has been crowned king and keeps close watch of her, both fearful of what might happen to her and feeling guilty for what has already occurred. He loves her dearly, and in these troubled times, seeks to keep her close than ever.


    Alasdair Coineagan

    (PB: Bradley James)


    Alasdair grew up beside his older brother Raild, understanding that duty would one day demand his life. To be a Bloodwarden, a member of the venerated royal guard, is an honor and a privilege, and for years he has worn it proudly. Recently, though, he has begun to wonder if it is all for naught. The rebellion in the kingdom of Draiwen has raged for five long years, claiming two kings, and a princess in a recent kidnapping. He has seen the negligence that led to this anger and cannot shake the feeling that the war is already lost. But now his little sister is Queen, and rebel spies lurk in the castle, their threat to her safety looming heavier with each passing day. His brother, unable to accept the loss of the princess - for whom he had secret feelings - has disappeared into the thick forest outside the fortress in search for her. As the only one who knows why Raild left, and unable to risk his brother's reputation by sharing, he must find a way to reach Raild, all the while keeping his sister safe. King Niclas himself has always been more partial to Raild than to Alasdair and in such times, stress builds without reprieve, and he will demand whatever answers Alasdair finds.


    Other notes: All of these characters have been played before, but personal vision and creativity with the characters are still fully achievable. The real excitement for them as characters is now and in the future.

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