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  • A Supernatural Sci-Fi site
  • A Supernatural Sci-Fi site
  • A Supernatural Sci-Fi site
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    Alasdair Coineagan

    (PB: Bradley James)


    Alasdair grew up beside his older brother Raild, understanding that duty would one day demand his life. To be a Bloodwarden, a member of the venerated royal guard, is an honor and a privilege, and for years he has worn it proudly. Recently, though, he has begun to wonder if it is all for naught. The rebellion in the kingdom of Draiwen has raged for five long years, claiming two kings, and a princess in a recent kidnapping. He has seen the negligence that led to this anger and cannot shake the feeling that the war is already lost. But now his little sister is Queen, and rebel spies lurk in the castle, their threat to her safety looming heavier with each passing day. His brother, unable to accept the loss of the princess - for whom he had secret feelings - has disappeared into the thick forest outside the fortress in search for her. As the only one who knows why Raild left, and unable to risk his brother's reputation by sharing, he must find a way to reach Raild, all the while keeping his sister safe. King Niclas himself has always been more partial to Raild than to Alasdair and in such times, stress builds without reprieve, and he will demand whatever answers Alasdair finds.


    Other notes: This character has been played before, but personal vision and creativity with the character is still fully achievable. The real excitement for him as a character is now and in the future.

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