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  • Looking For My Lion’s Father, The Duke

    Looking for my lion cub, Rusk’s daddy! A duke in the kingdom!

    Ash Serif is one of the king’s dukes and therefore gives his son his noble title. The gist of it is that Rusk is currently in his teenage rebellion stage and is acting out while Ash’s expectations become increasingly high for him. Brought on by his mother dying in childbirth leaving him his only living heir. Other details on Ash are the fact that he owns several humans, whom he treasures and treats kindly but are mostly regarded as beloved, but dimwitted pets. Both father and son regard them as “the dumber the better” - as they’re oafish anyway in their eyes. Rusk detests them and often uses Them to do his schoolwork and such. Which could create a bit of contention between them further, as Ash treasures and loves his pets despite his feelings. 

    He is exceedingly rich and the rest of his personality is absolutely up to whoever takes him!

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