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    Manipulative Mastermind

    Name: Celia Shanahan
    Age: 38
    Kingdom: Ombra [Chaos Kingdom]
    Occupation: Moneylender [soon to be Bank of Ombra Heiress]


    History: Celia (then Celia Harper) was young when Eudocia was suddenly thrust into war. When Tyrgere (the neutral kingdom from where her family hails) formed, she was still bright-eyed and curious, naive to the dangers that awaited. As she blossomed from a girl into a young woman, however, she did not remain blind to the lurking Ombra, kingdom of chaos, and the power they possessed. Tyrgere's capital Ninvale was overthrown when she was a teenager still, and while many feared the worst, Celia saw potential like some of her other family members. She devised with her father a plan to tether the new Ombrian crown with the Harper family, both to secure their safety in the future and to chase her own ambitions. She married Sylas, an Ombrian ambassador, and moved to the volcanic isle with him, and the two had four children together there. During their childhoods, Ombra's reign collapsed, and Celia used the chaos to her advantage by taking swift control over Ombra's economy. Despite the anarchy that still tugs at the kingdom today, the Shanahans still sit very pretty economically, and Celia's occupation and close ties to Ombra's powerful figureheads are largely the reason why.


    Personality: Celia is a pragmatic, opportunistic woman that thrives in chaos. If there is a chance to weasel her way into a given situation and benefit from it, Celia is a persuasive and intelligent force to be reckoned with. She could be seen as manipulative by some, but Celia has never climbed through the ranks with malicious intent. She is a woman who enjoys life's luxuries and aims to protect her ability to indulge in them, as well as secure a future for her children and name. Though an Ombrian now, she is a proud Harper family member still, and she also stays in close contact with her relatives on Eudocia's mainland.


    If interested, feel free to reach out to docleenie#8841 on discord.

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