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  • Militia Leader

    This character is the founder, and present leader, of the Bamboo Guard; the Guard is a village militia tied to Bamboo Village, that was formed in response to heavy attack by the Blackram Marauders, a very large pirate group. Bamboo Village is on the coast, and the Guard has spread across most of the Viridian Coast, with some small presence in the Stratus Empire and Talus Dominion capitals. As such, this character would be rather the big deal across Viridian Coast.


    Currently, Viridian Coast faces some minor dark chi and corruption problems; the Talus Emissary and Talus Military Captain have been present in the area to help contain it. More recently, one of the Blackram Marauder fleets ran into trouble off the coast, and have retreated from most corners of conflict with the Bamboo Guard. This is probably fairly concerning for the Guard Captain, as it's hard to say whether things will remain quiet on that front, or if they're even perhaps faking it and trying to lure the Guard into a false sense of security. Finally, the Stratus Emperor and his personal Guard Captain have taken temporary shelter in Bamboo Village; the emperor was in quite the bad way when they arrived, as the Ebondrake Cult has deeply corrupted the emperor with dark chi in hopes of controlling him, or killing him, whichever came first. It is imagined the Bamboo Guard Captain was at one time part of the Stratus military; how high they got, and whether they recognise the emperor and his guard (they probably know the latter to be Stratus, at least, as they saw his uniform) is up to whomever takes him. This character may also be rather loyal to the Choi family, the ruling line of the Talus Dominion, as the Talus was formed by a defecting Stratus General and this character might be friends with that General/have followed him, but they are envisioned to be a bit of a neutral party in the Stratus vs Talus mess.


    While this character has the potential to be a major player in the game, it is ultimately up to whomever takes this role and what they do with it whether they do or not. As well, it is possible the emperor and the Talus will eventually ally with the Blackram to wrest control of the Stratus capital of Gunwon City away from the Ebondrake Cultists, as they are very dangerous and the petty squabbles between the three groups pale in comparison to the threat of the Ebondrake. Thus it is also probable that the Bamboo Guard and the Blackram Marauders reach an uneasy truce and end up working together; it depends on which empire the Guard supports, but there's certainly a lot of plot available here. Toss in the fact one of the Blackram Admirals is related to the Ebondrake leader, and things could get pretty messy (and exceedingly interesting) very quickly.


    This character's details, like name, gender, race, etc, are all up to the player.

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