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    A lifetime ago and half the world over, she was the eldest daughter of a Driawenese nobleman. She had a younger sister (Kaela, who later married into the Vyrwel family, who are tied to the royal family by marriage) whom she loved very much, but the walls of her home could not contain her. With a curious mind and a free spirit, she fled rather than live under the constraints her father tried to impose on her.

    She wanted more.

    She went to the kingdom of Myrh in search of that more. There she stayed, at first voluntarily and then because the seas were no longer passable. She built a respectable life for herself, marrying into Myrhian nobility. Her husband came to hold the title of Bael.

    Thirty-three years ago, she caught the eye of the king of Myrh, and so came to be pregnant with a Stormborn child. A daughter named Xaria.
    Five years later, she gave birth to a second child, a sickly son. When there was talk of a third child, four years later, Xaria poisoned the drink of the first son out of jealousy, and explained that it was best to have no more children. Being just nine at the time, Xaria was not held responsible for the death.
    Xaria only became more difficult to live with from then on.

    By age twelve, it was clear that Xaria would only be destructive. So the mother and the Bael sent her to Cthonos to live among her half-siblings.

    For twenty-one years after, the mother and the Bael lived in peace. She even had that third child, a son, whom she cherished.

    That peace was recently broken. Xaria returned to the estate and stayed for weeks. The mother did her best to protect her son, who was ten at the time, knowing full well the kind of person Xaria is and the destruction she wants to bring down on the family. But it was not enough.

    Xaria left the estate as abruptly as she had arrived, and some weeks later, the son was found dead, having drunk poisoned tea.

    The mother knows Xaria is to blame. She knows that Xaria is likely coming after her and the Bael next, wanting the title and land, on which lies a prosperous salt mine. She is convinced that she is playing a game for her life with her daughter who holds a reputation for always getting what she wants.
    And she is not wrong.



    OOC Comments:

    Preferred playby: Gillian Anderson

    Kaela's App

    Xaria's App
    Her given name in Kaela's app is Mila. It is entirely reasonable that she changed it in Myrh to better match the style of names there. I personally like the name 'Dikeledi', or would otherwise be happy with any name beginning with the letter 'D', if the name does change from 'Mila'.
    The family name is up to you.
    The mother's relationship with the Bael, as well as how she came to marry him, is also entirely undetermined.
    There are possible future plots with Kaela and Kaela's son, Rohar.
    In terms of dynamics, I am really looking for high tension between a grief-stricken and angry mother, and her crazy daughter who is actually trying to kill her for the family land and title.

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