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  • Nobility and Politicians

    We are looking for people to play the rulers and their heirs of a number of city-states which are more than semi-independent but which owe ultimate allegiance to a High King. One city-state is feeling rebellious, two are dealing with mysterious disappearances, one with a decades-old not-officially-a-war along their northern border.

    • Sir Sebasjian Thornleigh Arminius - mid 20s - second son of the High King, gets sent off to be diplomatic a lot - Faceclaim: Fabian Gamba - powers open
    • Admiral Erzo Sorrentino, Governor of Caledonia - 37 - spent most of her naval career disguised as a man, has no time for anyone's bullshit - Faceclaim: Kiera Knightly - True Sight and Dispel Magic
    • Sir Dorin Romano, heir to Pharopolis - mid 40s - The eldest son of the Doge of Pharopolis is caught between his duty as a Knight sworn directly to the High King and his father's desire for him to come home to learn how to rule his own lands - Mark Ruffalo - powers open
    • Celeste Romano - 19 or 20 - The Doge's youngest daughter is unmarried, and is about to be sent to Thysdrus to try to seduce the Crown Prince into marriage. This is unlikely to work, to say the least - though there may always be the possibility of catching Sebasjian's eye, or that of someone else at Court. She is Dorin's half-sister, her mother being the the Doge's second wife.


    And more, including some  with completely open personalities and faceclaims.

    The introduction to the canon list on the site says that you need to earn Canon characters, but right now we are giving new players a free Canon slot, so come get 'em while they're hot!



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