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  • On Stranger Tides

    This ad is for a few of Austin's band mates. The names and histories of the characters are completely open apart from what I've outlined here. While the faces are indeed suggestions, I would love to keep the POTC theme going on since I've used Orlando Bloom as Austin's face. If you wish to change a face just check in with me beforehand and make sure you check the face claim list to make sure they're open.  If you're interested in taking any of them on, feel free to pop into the site's cbox or contact Kaay via discord.




    33-37. Human. Keira Knightley.

    Keira is one of the two vocalists for the band, sharing vocal duties with Austin. She's someone who Austin met when he was finishing up the third year of his teaching degree and it was her idea to form the band in the first place. What started off as nothing more than the two of them goofing off and doing open mic nights whenever they could, turned into a bromance of sorts when it came out that she fancied his sister. She's also the only person in his life apart from his sister, that he had told the story of his rescue that night at the hands of a mermaid. While she finds it very unlikely that such a thing could happen, she's also not one to brush off the mysteries of the ocean.



    36-40. Human. Johnny Depp.

    Johnny joined Austin and Keira during a jam session after watching them at an open mic night and expressing interest in playing with them if they'd like him too. He's a trumpet player by profession, specializing in jazz and blues. He's spent the majority of his adult life traveling around the world playing his way from city to city. He and Austin butted heads at first, but they eventually grew to become regular drinking buddies, and at times Austin has lamented to Johnny about some of the crazy things that have gone on in his life, working at the Music Academy.



    36-40. Human. Jack Davenport

    Jack is the third and final member to join the band. He answered an ad placed in a paper for a drummer to round their sound out. Although there were plenty of people who answered the ad, it was Jack's no-nonsense attitude and ability to pick up rhythms and melodies with easy that endeared him to the rest of the band. Unlike Johnny, who seemed to butt heads with both Austin and Keira when he first arrived, Jack was charming and pleasant, things they weren't actually expecting but pleasantly surprised about. His raw talent and ability were even more surprised to find when they learned that up until now, Jack had spent his entire life as an accountant, crunching numbers on a daily basis and hadn't touched a drum set since his high school days.

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