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    Redford Family

    This listing is for the 3 sisters of Kyllion and Andrew Redford. The Redford children come from a highly conservative family from a small town near Knoxville, Tennessee. They grew up tight knit like a lot of Southern families, at least until Kyllion broke away from the family to join the military. This caused some strife with his little brother, causing Andrew to turn to drugs. Andrew has been pretty much exiled from the family, the work of their hard handed father. Kyllion and Andrew are currently reuniting for the first time since Kyllion went into basic training. It would be fun to have the 3 sisters around as well.


    The oldest of sisters is Shayleen Redford a 24-25 year old doctor/lawyer. It is up to you what her actual profession is but it should be something along that vein and she should be just getting out of school. Shayleen was the first girl born into the family and if anyone is the favorite it is probably Shayleen. She did everything that her parents wanted her to, she went to school without trouble and then went to college to become something great for the family. While Kyllion also finished high school and did his family proud, the family gives him a harder time than they do Shayleen. She can be quite bossy and this causes friction between her and her younger sisters as well as Andrew. She would probably have been on board with their father throwing Andrew out. I see her as being highly opinionated and loud about it too, we can talk about it though. I have her face as Elizabeth Lail, but I am willing to consider other faces, as well as a different name for her.


    The middle of the sisters would be Tiffany Redford a 22 year old redhead with a fire to match her hair. She is the only redhead in the family which causes them to make fun of her a bit, but she doesn't take it to heart. Kyllion himself would have made fun of her by saying she was adopted or other things along those lines. I think that her and Kyllion would have had a very playful relationship. She is sassy and rough around the edges. I imagine she also has trouble keeping friends due to her smart mouth. Tiffany probably was kicked out of the family home shortly after Andrew, but not for the same reason. Tiffany is homosexual and her very conservative father would have thrown her out as well, probably with the support of older sister Shayleen. What Tiffany has been up to since then is completely up to you! I have her face as Jane Levy, but you can of course run other ideas by me, I would like to keep her a redhead because of that history with Kyllion. Her name is flexible as well.


    And last but not least, the youngest of the group, Sadie Redford a 19 year old college student with a rebellious streak. I don't think she would have gotten into drugs, but she probably had sticky fingers or some other illegal habit. She is probably going to community college in Freedom Falls, though what for is completely up to you. I imagine she is running with a pretty rough crowd, but not the same crowd as Andrew. I'd like for her to be involved with vampires, and I feel like the Nguyen vampires would probably be the best fit for her. She seems like she would be a party girl hanging out at Inferno or something like that. Her getting mixed up with some vampires and becoming one or just becoming a thrall for them would just add so much drama to their already dramatic family dynamic. I have her face listed as Sabrina Carpenter, but that along with her name is flexible.


    Kyllion is a gifted with the ability to dream walk and Andrew is a human. I imagine that the girls would have been human save for maybe one other gifted, but that will be on a first come first serve basis. Since Sadie has the possibility of becoming a vampire I do think it would be best if she were a human.


    Here is the official listing for the characters if you'd like to take a look! Please contact me on Prowl if you have any questions.

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