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    Below I have listed a few of the canons we'd really, really  love to see taken up on the Site. Norlim is probably our number one top wanted canon due to the fact that the rest of his entire family is filled and he's pretty essential to the plot. We will also happily accept any of the canons from the list, who aren't listed here. All canon are open face wise, and we're more than happy to suggest faces and all canons have open first and last names that they use as aliases up on land unless otherwise indicated.


    Advisor Muir: First Last

    Muir has been the Royal Advisor to Norlim since he took full control of the seas upon his father's passing. Muir having seen just how power-hungry Odessa was, had originally cautioned against giving her any sort of power knowing it would never be enough to satisfy her. And when it backfired, of course, he was there to provide Norlim with the infamous I Told You So moment. They then set course to find a way to manage the entire seas and it was Muir's suggestion to bring in the ruling royal monarchy.


    Captain Conn: First Last

    Conn is the head of the Royal Guard that protects Atlantica. He was the mere responsible for apprehending Umiel before she was able to escape the city after her attempt to steal Caspian went off the rails. He received the highest honors a mere can for his part.


    Guard Cathair:  First Last

    Cathair is a member of the royal guard for Atlantica. He works under Conn, and heads a squad of mere's who monitor and keep track of those mere's who have been banished from the seven seas under Norlim's decree. Unbeknownst to anyone in Atlantica, Cathair actually sympathizes with Umiel for what happened to her and was responsible for giving Umiel access to the Palace in the first place.


    Guardian Poseidon:

    Poseidon is a guardian of the Pacific Ocean's moon pool. He's close to both the Southern and Northern Pacific sages, though there seems to be a connection between himself and Okeanos that often draws him in. He's mastered the ability of Cryokinesis, which allows him to freeze the water of the moon pool and prevent access to it if needed.


    Sage Neptunus:

    Neptunus is the Sage for the Southern Atlantic Sector and works closely with Aisling. Although as a younger mere, Neptunus has other aspirations for what his calling might be when his true calling came shining through he devoted himself completely to the sage lifestyle. A bit eccentric, he's a master at his craft. As all Sages do, Neptunus has the ability of Cryokinesis, which allows him to freeze the moon pool over as a form of protection.


    Sage Okeanos:

    Okeanos is the Sage for the Northern Sector of the Pacific ocean and him like all the other sages across the seven seas has power over the moon pools. As all Sages do, Okeanos has the ability of Cryokinesis, which allows him to freeze the moon pool over as a form of protection. He's close to Poseidon, who is a protector of the moon pool, guarding its waters against unsanctioned access.


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