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    sister mine

    Meghan-Ory.thumb.jpg.b0e68982f02c2e21f4729a294e379052.jpg-- Donovan, "Younger" Sister, Loved, open

    34-35 +  Fc: meghan ory +  Shadowhunter or creature?

    So this lovely lady is the younger sister of Amelie and Iris Donovan. She was 6-7 years younger than her twin sisters, which means that she was 16-17 when they "died". Amelie survived the change to become a vampire, Iris unfortunately died. Her body was recovered by the Clave, but Amelie was assumed dead as well. That means that this girlie here will have very little idea that her older sister is still alive and running around the world.

    I am pretty open on her personality and how she's changed over the years. Their family was pretty loving growing up, but if you want that to have changed at all just let me know and we can talk about it. They will likely be involved with a bunch of the characters around her age group like the current head of the institute Odysseus Fenbrook. She may also get to meet her “older sisters” eventual love interest and soul mate Zephyrus who is a 500+ year old Florentine vampire. It’s good times.


    Honestly, I’m excited to see how you will eventually build her up to be. Will the “loss” of her two older sisters have strengthened her resolve and she now believes that creatures need stronger restrictions than the Accords currently offer? Will their loss have made her unsteady and unreliable? Or is it some middle ground in between? How will she feel when she sees her sister again at the same age she was when she last saw her over twenty years ago?


    If you have any questions about the ad, please message me here or on discord and we can work it out!

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