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    Mammon would like her son to join her here on earth. One wouldn’t say that she is sentimental, but it would be interesting to have someone to work along with her in the family business.



    We would LOVE having his pb as Avan Jogia but are willing to be flexible on this. His name is obviously negotiable. He may use her alias surname of Gremor but again, that is up to you. His age is flexible as Mammon is as old as time, he could be a couple of hundred years old to a couple thousand just depends on what you want to do with his history. The big question… who’s the daddy. It is negotiable but we have a few ideas (see board to discuss)



    He is a lesser demon, not a cambion, there is no human relation. While he is lesser, he is the son of a Prince of Hell, he’s not someone’s errand boy other than his mother’s or uncles’. He was raised to know what he was, accept what he is, and not coddle humans. He’s a demon and he’s proud.



    Dagonet the Dragon General AKA Dag. Fierce warrior, loyal to the crown but serves Tristan and Balian more than King Uther. If all goes as planned, Dagonet will be asked to be a bodyguard to the next Dragon Queen.


    Face claim is negotiable within reason as is his name. Background and other biographical information are up to you but will help fill in if needed. Reply here for vague details (don't want to crush a plot before it happens) or questions.

    Other eras are open on the board an allow this character to be whatever you want.




    ~Jamie Campbell-Bower

    Fairy Prince

    The youngest of all King Adair's children, and the only male, Valen is very spoiled. When he was a child he was given a cherry tree fairy, Rainier, as his friend/whipping boy, and the two gradually develop mutual feeling. They become lovers and Valen secretly wishes to take Rainier as his consort one day instead marrying a woman. After all, when he becomes a king he will have a harem of his own, and there is no law against taking a concubine's child as the kingdom's heir. Val is selfish and vain, and detests his eldest sister Loulan, whom their father considered a more worthy heir to the throne.



    Family Forever, For Always, No Matter What!!

    Ollie was born on a snowy day in January, he was born different than the other kids around him, his father died years ago, and his mother had been hiding the fact she was a vampire. She had him in secret. He was given up to an orphanage when he was just one year old, it was a place for any species to belong. She thought it would be his best chance. He grew up there it wasn't easy being a vampire kid with no understanding of what he was. Why he had to be so different. But he made it after a few foster homes he was adopted by a noble vampire family. This was when he was eight, they would teach him all the subjects he had missed out on in the orphanage. He was happy and this only was the start to his new story.


    Two years later he was adopted by them it was at this time he started singing, at age 18 he started writing his own songs. Soon he started getting jobs as a singer at bars or clubs whatever he could do. When he was 20 years old, he met a girl who was a fairy. Soon after this he started having a career and later that year, they had a child together.


    Who was born a fairy just like his wife, a year later his wife was pregnant with fraternal twins. While she was pregnant, they got married. By the time he was 24 they had four kids together only one of which was a vampire like him. His wife died due to cancer when she was 30 years old and when he was 31 years old.


    He now works singing for anywhere he can and is a pretty well-known singer, but he also is a part time night class drama teacher. He is now looking for someone to marry and some friends to help him raise his kids even though the youngest is 18 now.


    Aspen Blake Bakeman / Fairy / Austin North / 24 Years / Open

    Aspen loves gardening and teaches a class on it at an Agriculture School. Aspen loves nature and plants he hates anything that would damage those things such as pollution. He also is a pacifist, and he doesn't like violence. He is a fairy, and he takes after his mother but loves listening to music and dancing like his father. He was ten years old when his mother died how he handled that and what he did to cope is up to you. The rest is up to you.


    Atlas Mickie Bakeman / Fairy / Leo Howard / 23 Years / Open

    Atlas is a dreamer he loves to dream and plays many instruments; he doesn't sing like his dad, but he is very gifted with playing instruments. He dreams of traveling the world seeing many different places, he's always up for and adventure. He has a hard time staying still but he is not good at reading or math. Atlas likes guys only due to feeling like his mother meant to leave them even though she died of a sickness he believes she gave up at this current time. He was nine when his mom died. He is very close to his twin although he doesn't like lots of things she does.


    Alex Rose Bakeman / Fairy / Florence Pugh / 23 Years / Open

    Alex likes anything creepy such as bugs, skulls, horror movies. She wishes she was a vampire like her dad, and she idolizes her dad. Alex is an adrenaline junky which can be dangerous she was born with a disease that her siblings wasn't which makes it so she can’t feel pain. But this is very dangerous and results in her having to go to the hospital a lot even just for falling to make sure she hasn't got a major injury since she can’t feel it. Which is why she wishes she was a vampire she wouldn't have to keep going to the hospital if she was one. She is very close to her twin who worries about her all the time. She was also 9 years old when her mother died but she doesn't like to talk about it. The rest is up to you.


    Willow Jean Bakeman / Vampire / Laura Krystine / 18 Years / Open

    Willow is her dad’s little princess he loves all his kids but she's the one that took her mother’s death the hardest due to the trauma she almost completely stopped talking. She is a selective mute, she loves flowers but what she loves most is photography, painting, drawing. She's also good at writing stories. However, she's not so good at math. She is very naïve, so her dad tends to protect her. The rest is up to you.


    Unnamed Sister / Vampire / Fc: Your Choice / Age: Your Choice / Open

    This is his second oldest adoptive sibling it’s up to you weather she accepts him or not.


    Unnamed Brother/ Vampire / Fc: Your Choice / Age: Your Choice / Open

    This is his oldest adoptive sibling it’s up to you weather he accepts him or not.


    Unnamed Brother / Fawn / Fc: Your Choice / Age: Your Choice / Open

    His third oldest sibling who was also adopted like him these two are very close. He is very close to Ollie and they are close friends. The rest like how he came to the family and when is up to you. As well as his fc and age.


    Unnamed Brother / Jinn / Fc: Your Choice / Age: Your Choice / Open

    Fourth oldest sibling this one hates Ollie and loves to tease him and mess with his feelings, he loves messing with people’s heads. Most likely has had trouble with the law. How and why is up to you as is his age and fc.


    Unnamed Sister / Were Wolf / Fc: Your Choice / Age: Your Choice / Open

    She is within 5 years from his age and is his fifth oldest sibling. She is very wild and likes to be independent but will come to him if she needs help. She sees him as part of her pack but hates being adopted by vampires. She trusts most things but has a hard time with vampires and once she bonds with someone they are in her pack. The rest about her is up to whoever plays her.


    Unnamed Brother / Veela / Fc: Your Choice / Age: Your Choice / Open

    This sibling is only one year older than him they are the closest out of all his siblings. How he was adopted and when it’s up to you. Just know that he helped him raise his kids when Ollie's wife died.


    Rhiannon Jade Bakeman Vampire / Fc: Your Choice / Age: Your Choice / Open

    She is his adoptive mom and is very close to him and is like his real mom to him in fact he calls her his mom and the other mother just some woman.


    Brigid Eva Woods / Vampire / Fc: Your Choice / Age: Your Choice / Open

    She is his birth mother it’s up to you what you want to do with her but note the parts about her in his history. She gave him up because she thought it would be best for him.


    Arthur Tearle Bakeman / Vampire / Fc: Your Choice / Age: Your Choice / Open

    This is his adoptive father who is very much a helicopter dad, he was very protective of any vampire kids. However, he does also show them favoritism. Anything else about him is up to whoever plays him.


    Unnamed Birth Father / Vampire / Fc: Your Choice / Age: Your Choice / Open

    This is up to you why he wasn't with his mother or if he didn't know he was born it’s up to you whoever plays him.


    The Pack Is One

    First, I would like to say I'm putting up info on joining his two packs and what is accepted there and what is not and the do's and don'ts as well as positions open. Then we will get to his family's wanteds.


    Past pack:

    This pack is not just a pack it’s a town in the woods called Ivy Town. Because of all the ivy around most of the houses are cabins, or minimalists’ homes in the trees. So, as you can expect this town has a few different people that live in it. So there not all were wolves most are were wolfs or shifters. But bellow you will see what the town looks like. Some of the pictures.


    Species that are allowed to join this pack and requirements for joining:

    Must be family or have had a thread with Simon Jetson Chase before joining the pack all members of the town must be part of or at least accept the rules of the pack.


    Species accepted into pack:

    Werewolf's and Shifters (mostly)


    Gifted humans


    Demons (low population)

    Half Demons (low population)


    Leanan Sídhe

    Non royal fairies


    Rules of the pack:

    Must obey the Chase family and any married into families.

    High ranks of packs are only for family

    No major fighting between other species

    Everyone must contribute to the pack in some way/have a job in town.



    Alpha: Simon Jetson Chase

    Alpha Female: Maylynn (his sister until he’s married)

    Beta Male: Dallas Chase (his brother)

    Beta Female: (Dallas's wife when he gets/if he has one)

    Female Pack Members:

    Male Pack Members:


    Present pack:

    This pack is just basically everyone working on the chase ranch it’s a smaller pack but accepts anyone but vampires.


    Ranch owner: Simon

    Co-Owner: Jax

    Next Owner In-Training: Lexi

    Head Stable Hand: Dallas

    Vet: Maylynn

    Farrier: Daniel

    Riding Instructor: Sage

    Manager: (that's in charge of keeping track of the money spent Jax)

    Stable Hand: (for anyone else is bellow they can do lots of things on the farm this is just their official title)


    Family Wanteds

    All that’s decided are their ages and first name


    Jax - 40 - male – Simon’s little brother

    Dallas - 37 - Male - little brother

    Maylynn - 34 - Female - Little sister

    Sage - 32 - Female - little sister

    Daniel - 30 - Male - Little Brother

    Heather - 20 - Female - Little sister

    Mitch - 18 - Male - Little Brother

    Grant - 16 - Male - Little brother

    Lexi - 18 - Female - Adopted daughter of Simon

    Hank Bud Chase - 66 - Father - Fc: Huge Laurie (the only one with a decided fc)

    Kate (Benson) Chase - 70 - Mother - of Simon


    Other Wanted Ads from An·thol·o·gy

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