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  • A Supernatural Sci-Fi site
  • A Supernatural Sci-Fi site
  • A Supernatural Sci-Fi site
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    Streaming the Revolution

    The pitch of the site is that everyone's minds are connected to the cloud (the virtual) in a way that when they die their consciences are transferred to a virtual afterlife that is the better the more money is put into it, Hell was initially created as a deterrent for the worst of the worst, but it's now a consequence for everyone's crimes, no matter the size. This gang tries to fight this by publishing stories in the Virtual that show the depravity and corruption of this system, either by bringing forth dirt on corporate leaders and politicians or by making public the struggles of those condemned to Hell by minor crimes. This ad isn't in any way closed. Faceclaims, ages and names are suggestions, feel free to tweak the characters and make them your own!


    Who are they:





    LARA -----

    Someone has to put all those recordings on the Virtual and make sure no one can track them back to the group. A tech genius in her own right, Lara is there to deal with everything technological related, from uploading videos to hacking into some very private databases. Born and raised in the Lower Levels, she's learned everything she knows from older kids and a lot of self-teaching, and because she has a way of making herself known that is not uncommon to the darkest alleys of the lower city, Amanda took notice. She was the first Amanda brought to the project, and not only because she's quite easy on the eye. Lara is good, she's feisty, and she's in with the good guys - One couldn't ask for better. 


    ----- GREAVES

    The motivations for Greaves's involvement with this crew are unclear to everyone but himself. A man from the Upper Levels, raised by the best families and with high education, he keeps a mask of enormous extravagance. He was the one who approached the group - what resources he used to do so were never revealed, though he did give some advice on how to augment security - and became their manager, their sponsor, their source for all money. Unwilling to keep a serious conversation, Greaves knows what sells and what doesn't, and he's been an invaluable help for years. He prefers to be called their producer.



    ----- BEAUMONT

    Beaumont is a sweet kid. Raised in the higher levels of the lower city as Amanda did, she has known him all his life. He was always too nice for his own good, but not as stupid as to get that become a problem - most of the time. Strong and agile, he was the first person who came to Amanda's mind when she decided that doing her own filming and designing was not manageable, but she never expected him to have such a talent when it came to editing. He taught her niceness was not a synonym of stupidity. So, even though his main part on this crew continues to be the recording of everything regardless of how many security officers go after him, he's now the one who makes them all look good.

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