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  • The 100 Canons Needed

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    Octavia Blake
    Octavia is the younger sister of Bellamy Blake, and unlike most of the other delinquents, she did not commit a crime to be locked up. She was born the illegal second child to Aurora Blake and spent sixteen years in hiding. 
    Currently Octavia is in Polis acting as a guard to Kane who is Arkadia's Ambassador, though she self-appointed herself the job for her own reasons.
    More about Octavia's journey within the canon of the roleplay can be found here.


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    Raven Reyes
    Raven is basically a genius and the best mechanic Skaikru has. She originally came to Earth to be with her boyfriend and let the Ark know the Hundred were alive, and though she was not originally sent down with them, Raven is an honorary delinquent. 

    Currently Raven has recently returned from Mount Weather, this time she was responsible for irradiating the remaining thirty residents to save her friends, making the Mountain a tomb.
    More about Raven's journey within the canon of the roleplay can be found here.


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    Jasper Jordan

    Jasper is no longer the happy-go-lucky teen he was when he first came to Earth, though being speared in the chest, taken captive in a Mountain, and feeling responsible for hundreds of deaths can do that to a person.
    Currently Jasper is spending most of his time in medical by Maya's side, waiting for her to wake up from her bone-marrow transplant procedure. He was part of the team that recently came back from Mount Weather, leaving it a tomb in their wake.
    More about Jasper's journey within the canon of the roleplay can be found here.


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    Marcus Kane
    Kane is Arkadia's head guard, and also serves as Vice Chancellor to Abby. He recently took on the role of Arkadia's ambassador when they were initiated into the Coalition as the Thirteenth Clan.
    Currently Kane is in Polis, though he wishes he were back in Arkadia... He is definitely not the most-liked person in Polis thanks to the high tensions between Grounders and Skaikru.
    More about Kane's journey within the canon of the roleplay can be found here.


    Super-active 100 rpg that follows canon up to the end of Season 2 before diverging into an au storyline of its own!

    The peace that had lasted two months after the fall of Mount Weather has officially come to an end. In a tragic turn of events, the last remaining residents of Mount Weather have been destroyed, leaving the Mountain an empty grave. Skaikru has officially been inaugurated into the Coalition as the Thirteenth Clan, though many on both sides are opposed to this… While both sides continue their never-ending animosity toward each other, it seems another unexpected threat looms on the horizon. Skaikru might not be the last to fall from the sky. Read the full plot HERE for more details!

    Come join us for a very character and plot driven story! Plenty of Canons open, events planned, and we even have a developed College AU if you're feeling creative!


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