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  • The Bradford Bunch

    The Bradford girls are Dakota and Cheyenne Bradford. Kody and Chey are identical twins who's parents got divorced when they were only 3 or 4 years old. Their parents both remarried and now they have two sets of parents, four sets of grandparents, and an excessive number of siblings, both step and half. There are two step siblings from their mothers remarriage and one half sibling. There are also three half siblings from their fathers remarriage. 90% of this want ad is for those siblings, so it seemed pertinent to let you know the mess you'll be getting into.

    Landon Carter (30-31) Bad influence step brother (friends with Kody's ex and Chey's future boyfriend). He never intentionally got them into trouble, but his idea of fun did tend to be on the side of trouble. When they were 9 or 10 years old trouble was playing pranks, muddying up their best clothes, or locating and unwrapping the Christmas presents early. When they were 14 or 15 trouble was sneaking out, smoking, drinking, and generally behaving like wild teenagers. Not that Dakota and Cheyenne really engaged in a lot of this kind of activity, but when they did it was always Landon that lead the way. 


    Allison (Ally) Carter (27-28) Jealous and Vapid step sister. Allison went from being the only girl, apple of her fathers eye, and spoiled rotten to having to share the limelight with two other girls - and twins no less! She was still the youngest, but time has only increased Ally's jealousy of her step sisters. To her mind, they stormed in, replaced her mom with their own, and stole all the attention she should have been receiving from her father. 


    Jebediah Carter (21-22) half brother, the mediator. He's easy going and laid back,  likely to play mediator than to start an argument. When it comes to his family he can be a bit of a people pleaser, too. He wants them to like him, looked up to all of his siblings at some point or another, and as a result tends to try to do what they would want him to do instead of what he wants to do.


    Carolina, Elizabeth, and Hayley Bradford -  each two years a part.


    George Tucker (28) Cheyenne's high school sweetheart who she believes to have cheated on her while she and Kody were in Culinary school. Could have happened, or could have just LOOKED like it happened, but either way, they broke up after years together and moved on with their lives. Until he strolls back into town. 


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