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    The Dragons of Yu Dao

    In short, the Dragons of Yu Dao were formed in the Fire Nation colonies (specifically Yu Dao), by Kasang. He is a regular half-blood Fire-Earth colonist born and raised in Yu Dao. His sister was mistaken for a Water Tribe girl that was forced to work at a brothel in the colonies that had escaped a few days before; said sister was abused to the point when Sang finally found her, it was just in time for her to bleed out and die on him. She was eleven. He was fourteen.

    That began his crusade against the slave trade and human trafficking. He actually was a very violent force for a while because of his rage at what happened to his sister, but he's since notably calmed down. One could argue he's now too calm, but that's an extraneous aside. In any case, he's busted and taken down countless slavers, slave traders, traffickers, brothel owners, and more, with the help of the Dragons, a compilation of others primarily from the colonies after the same things he is. Most are former slave that he's freed, but there are many regular colonists like him, and a few allies from other nations.

    Currently, they're fighting to take down the fighting pits, inspired by the Earth Rumble tournament and similar with an Agni Kai to-the-death spin. Many fighters in the pits are there forcibly, or are just so poor they have no choice. They either win some coin or they die, and either one is better than what they're facing already.

    Notably, the Dragons have mostly ended up forgoing protocol and law, and are technically a criminal organisation, as it has thus far been much more effective for them to bypass law and do what is necessary rather than what is legal.

    The Dragons have thus far kept distance from the Fire Nation to let it settle out a little post the ascension of Fire Lord Zuko, but Kasang is now starting to feel like it may be time to make first contact. And decide if the new Fire Lord is an ally or someone they need to depose and quickly. They're also for the execution of former Fire Lord Ozai for war crimes, as he knew about a lot of what was going on with the slave trades and trafficking, along with varying instances of unprovoked violence against unarmed citizens from the Fire Nation army, and did nothing.

    As mentioned, Kasang is the only member at the moment there's one other member, but of course anyone can feel free to make one. Sang tends to treat the Dragons as his family, so they're a pretty tight unit.

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