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  • The First Death Eaters

    Karkaroff - Original Ad | 30+ | ICW Delegate | Subplot | Nikolaj Coster-Waldau 

    Karkaroff, one of Norway’s most admirable and eligible political figures. Your influence over the Durmstrang Institute was inspired - strange, how the rules that resulted in Gellert Grindelwald’s expulsion were changed, once your political standing was set. How did it feel, when he fell, Karkaroff? When all of your hard work proved for nought? A betrayal of the highest order, no doubt…


    Use your skills, Karkaroff. Use your charms and your influence to serve a new master. Take the Mark. Serve Lord Voldemort.


    Karkaroff is the future father of Igor Karkaroff (born 1964 or earlier), and was a loyal supporter of Gellert Grindelwald until his defeat in 1945. He is from Norway, where he used his political influence and prowess to alter the rules and regulations at the Durmstrang Institute, allowing it to become a much more viable institution for the education of the Dark Arts.


    It is recommended that he have experience in his national political process, though a role as a delegate for the International Confederation of Wizards is optional. At this stage, it is recommended that he be single and playing the role of the charismatic bachelor politician, which he can use to make connections in Britain. His reasons for being in Britain at this time are up to the player, but he will soon learn of a new, rising power, and will eventually swear his allegiance to Lord Voldemort.




    Macnair - Original Ad | 21 | Beasts Division - Executioner | Subplot | Evan Peters

    Ah, Macnair - what an eager, ambitious young addition to the Ministry’s Beasts division. Your thirst for blood and control is masked only by your effervescent personality and the deeply held belief in your unit that you’re just there to learn.  The department needed an executioner, and you weren’t afraid to get your hands dirty; but beyond that, your knowledge of the most humane ways to exterminate a wide variety of beasts made them respect and appreciate you. Of course, they haven’t realized that your blade is never as sharp as it should be, nor that your knowledge is based in how to cause pain, not avoid it. 


    Still, it got you in the door, and now they want you to gain experience in many facets of the job! From werewolves to vampires to rogue hippogriffs, from executions to matters of policy, they invite you along so that you might learn something new, never realizing that they handed you all of the information that you needed. After all, the Werewolf Registry wasn’t going to become public on its own - they needed a bit of persuasion, and that has always been a gift of yours. You must carry on, Macnair. Use their trust against them.


    Macnair is a relatively new addition to the Beasts Division. He joined up in early 1950, and rather quickly gained the favor of his superiors. He’s knowledgeable about history and weaponry and magizoology, and is quick to both ask questions, and share information. 


    Plus, he has a strong stomach, and is willing to humanely execute the creatures sentenced to die by the Ministry. Of course, he has a deeply sadistic streak, and would prefer to shed blood much more freely and painfully, but that is why he is so dedicated to the Death Eaters. 


    Macnair has used his position to influence certain anti-creature policies, under the guise of making the world a safer place for people and creatures. The suggestion to publish the Werewolf Registry came from him, although none who enacted the policy would consider that to be the case. He is subtle, and hides his cruelty and blood lust well.




    Malfoy - Original Ad | 27 | Senior Undersecretary to the Minister for Magic | Subplot | Jeremy Dufour

    Abraxas, my slippery friend… in all of the many years that we’ve known each other, you have always sought to rise to the top. And now, I have put you there. Abraxas Malfoy, Senior Undersecretary to the Minister for Magic. 


    They will look to you, Abraxas, as Ignatius Tuft is sworn in. They will want to see your reaction, to know how they, too, should feel about him. They will expect bitterness, and resentment, but you will play your part: supporting him, advising him, watching him, just as you did for his mother. But do not forget, Malfoy… Eyes are always on you, as well. 


    Abraxas Malfoy is the Senior Undersecretary to Minister for Magic Ignatius Tuft, and has grand dreams of becoming Minister himself. He has used his position to steer Tuft towards the Death Eaters' cause, and now acts as his primary handler within the Ministry. All legislation goes through Malfoy first, and gets the Dark Lord's approval prior to becoming law.


    The Malfoy family is wealthy and influential, and he likely uses this to his advantage in and outside of the Ministry. What other assignments and tasks he has taken up have yet to be seen, but are certainly negotiable. Please also note that Abraxas was formerly engaged to Cedrella Black, who left him in order to marry Septimus Weasley. This event triggered the multi-generational rivalry between the Malfoy and Weasley families. Please be sure to discuss this with Violet and Penny prior to completing an application.




    Zabini - Original Ad | 30+ | Deputy Head of Magical Transportation | Subplot | John Boyega 

    Zabini, my old friend… You have always shown such potential in your fascination and understanding of the ancient and the arcane. For so long, you have helped me, stood by me, as I searched for relics of the past in order to strengthen the future of our cause. Now, Zabini, I call upon you to carry on my work. 


    Caractacus Burke has offered me a position at Borgin & Burkes, one I cannot take. You will take it for me, Zabini, and use your role there to find and filter artifacts that would be of use. Remember, Zabini: Protect the Heirlooms with your life.


    This man has been loyal to Tom since Day 1 - so they should be close in age, putting him between 24 and 28 years old. He would have most likely been in Slytherin in order to develop a relationship with Tom, but was not one of the original Knights of Walpurgis (was not a part of the Slug Club, and not from a reputable family. 


    Zabini is very intelligent, and can be utterly charming when he wants to be. This man should be skilled in both Legillimency and Occlumency (possibly taught by Tom himself), and should be exceptionally well-read in Ancient Runes, Dark Arts, and ancient artifacts, particularly those from the UK (and Hogwarts specifically). It would work well for him to have been trained as a Curse Breaker, though some sort of historian would work as well.


    Note: This character should be a POC.

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