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    The First rule of fight club


    Who could possibly know the darkness inside of someone, and how it desperately wishes to get out, then two people who have felt and fed that darkness for years? Once the Knight name meant something. Now it means nothing. Erwan and Mirabella Knight want to change that. After being cast out of Old Hallow they have spent their lives moving from one place to the other, doing whatever it takes to survive.

    They know all to well what the darkness means, and that even creatures who live side by side the mortals need more than the city of Old Hallow can give them. If the city gave them everything they needed, then the Inquisition would never have been needed in the first place. So in the past several months, they have worked with their Grandfather the Erlking to return to Old Hallow and create the Underground. A fight club that is designed to allow that darkness out. Pitting creature against creature, and human against human, hell even human against creature. Winner takes all. They are determined to make the Knight family name mean something one way or the other.


    All wanted ads below are super open, which mean if it does not specifically state something you are free to do what you wish. This means all names, ages, etc are super open.






    A bear shifter he is one of the first fighters to hear rumours of the Underground out on the streets. For the most part, Mira and Erwan, as well as the Erlking and his fighters, have been keeping things on the down-low. They want to see how things go before they start reaching out to other potential fighters. The last thing they want is for things to get out of hand before they are able to pull in a larger crowd.


    But after hearing about it and wanting to get out all that inner rage, he approached Mirabella and convinced her to let him join the first fight. Never expected to be fighting not only Fae but damn Zombies as well! Damn Erwan Knight is one crazy son of a bitch.

    Image result for ENRICO RAVENNA TUMBLR


    To get something like this up of the ground one needs sponsors. They need backers who can help cover costs and get the word out when it is needed. Outside of the Erlking, Mirabella also sought out the demons Eligos and Valefor, prominent business owners within the city. As The Erlking did, the two demons also offered some of their strongest warriors. This gentleman was one such being.


    He is a being who is prone to anger. Who knows how to use his fists, the strong silent type who puts everyone in their place, dangerous and deadly he has something to prove and that is exactly what he is going to do at these fights.




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