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  • the old guard

    They are the mothers and fathers. Aurors and barkeeps. Pure-bloods, muggle-borns, and everything else in between. They were brought together by Dumbledore, and despite his absence, they remained faithful to him. Unlike some of their younger Order counterparts, they understood that victory would take sacrifice, and results would be slow-going and hard-earned. They did not believe they were abandoned. when Dumbledore escaped Zzkaban, the old guard regrouped and waited for his return.  

    I. Molly Weasley 


    On Maudlin, Molly lost her eldest brother, Fabian, before she had become the incomparable Mrs. Weasley (always Ms. Prewett to you, back then!). This brought her to fight for the order under Dumbledore's leadership. Though she eventually married Arthur, she never quite settled down.


    After Voldemort's fall, she sought legal assistance from one of her wealthy pureblooded relatives, desperate to keep her burgeoning family intact. She still owes her relative a debt. One of the many things that keep her up at night. Now that dumbledore has returned, she's ready to rejoin the battle, though she is more wary of what her actions might mean for her children and husband. This time, if she fights, the Order must win.

    II. Arthur Weasley


    Arthur, currently a stay-at-home father and self-declared muggle technological buff, never thought the war really ended. Though he spent the last year in his usual good-humored, slightly bumbling way, he was always looking out for a sign of Dumbledore's return. Part of him dreaded the day war would once again be declared. Part of him rather looked forward to it. He so hated to leave business unfinished, after-all.


    Arthur is aware that his wife, molly, made great sacrifices to get the two of them out of trouble following voldemort's defeat. Though he worries for her, he knows well enough that she can look after herself. When Dumbledore calls, he would wish for no-one else to be by his side.

    III. Alastor Moody



    Alastor Moody's paranoia, though the butt of many office jokes, has always paid off. When Dumbledore reappeared, he was more than prepared. One of Dumbledore's most trusted followers, he was one of the first to be contacted by him. There would be no-one better to trust with such a secret.


    Following Voldemort's fall, Moody was deemed one of the aurors too important to lock-up. He seemed to never stop fighting the war to begin with, going to extreme lengths to find Death Eaters and send them to Azkaban. He intends to continue this dogged pursuit, as an auror and as an order member, until all of the purist pricks are gone for good. he's got a lot of work to do.


    IV. Arabella Figg


    Dumbledore was one of the first people to ever treat Arabella like a person rather than a squib. For that, he will always have her loyalty. Within the order, she found a family (she was estranged from her own. while her parents tried to care for her despite her squib status, there was always a rift). While the war was horrific, her years collecting information for the order were some of the best years of her life. Never before had she had such a purpose. never before had she felt like she belonged.


    After voldemort's defeat, Arabella watched with growing anger as her comrades were thrown into prison. A squib, she was left alone. She began plotting her own azkaban break-in, though the Death Eaters eventually beat her to the punch. A woman with a knack for knowing things she shouldn't, Arabella is eager to share what she knows with the reunited order.

    V. Sturgis Podmore


    Sturgis, a bit of a womanizer and all-around nosy prick, never claimed to be a good man. He was, however, a just one. In the Order, he found a way to make up for his many vices and to fight for a cause that- at least 50% of the time- he truly believed in.


    One of the few freelance journalists that worked for both the Prophet and for the Quibbler (he was happy to manipulate both audiences), Sturgis's role in the order was well-hidden and communication-based.


    After voldemort fell, he retained both of his jobs unscathed. While this seemed like the perfect opportunity to return to his regular life and forget about his odd years in the Order, he continued to help former Order members stay in touch using coded messages in the quibbler, a newspaper most 'serious men' in the ministry wouldn't be caught dead reading and which was ordinarily nonsensical enough to easily hide in some cryptic warnings. Now that dumbledore is back, Sturgis hopes to play an even larger role in the order. Sturgis has collected a rather extensive list of sins to make up for in Dumbledore's years away.

    VI. Gideon Prewett



    Gideon has had a hard-time after his brother's passing. Once a promising ministry-man with chances to take the next open seat at the Wizengamot, Fabian's death took away his greatest competitor and any motivation to continue his political career path. He instead threw himself into fighting for the order, an organization that Fabian had hid from him until only weeks before his death. When he was alive, Gideon had been appalled at his brother's affiliation with the vigilante group. After he passed, he believed joining it himself was the only way to honor him.


    After Voldemort's defeat, Gideon found work at a muggle bar and kept a low profile. His exit from the ministry shortly after his brother's death had already been something of a scandal, and he knew that he'd be under close ministry scrutiny. Just as he was starting to get used to his mundane new existence, Gideon caught wind of Dumbledore's escape from Azkaban. Since then, he's remained alert, always ready to throw himself back into the only thing that ever gave his life meaning.

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