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    Orion Black- TAKEN

    24 + brother + nicholas hoult

    Please read this: subplot


    Orion and Lucretia grew up very close as children. They were raised in the dark halls of number 12 Grimmauld Place, but the creaky manor never felt gloomy while their shrieks of laughter and trampling feet filled them. Many of their summers were spent in a country house, where they learned to ride horses and were permitted to run amok in the “wilderness”. Many of Lucretia’s memories of Orion are of such times, when he was still a little boy and her little brother.


    Sometime during their years in Hogwarts, things began to change. It was only natural for them to drift apart, siblings hardly ever kept such a pleasant bond for their whole lives—especially those raised in a cut-throat society. Yet, despite the distance between them, his sister never questioned his loyalty to her or their family. It would prove to be a rather fatal flaw on her part.


    Sometime during his youth, Orion befriended a strange boy. A boy that everyone seemed to drift to, whether they wished to or not. Tom Riddle was his name and while Orion grew to enjoy this boy’s company, he never ventured far enough to join the little group that sprung up around him. The Knights of Walpurgis, they called themselves. It is likely that Orion was too proud. As a Black he had no need to be apart of an exclusive little group, his entire life was filled with exclusivity. Somehow this let him stick out from the crowd and blend at the same time, he became a significant ally to this Tom Riddle. He was someone who could mingle freely and repeat words spoken in secret back to his friend. The trust that formed between them was strong, though for a while it pulled on the trust and loyalty he held for Lucretia. The years after Hogwarts would change this, as would the Mark.

    Orion’s distance from his sister grew, her estrangement from her family and her husband only provided an excuse for him. Tom became his true friend, as well as those that followed him most faithfully. When Lucretia came calling, Orion already knew what to expect. Every bit of information he gave to her about Tom was what he was instructed to give. His presumed change of ways and willingness to help Albus Dumbledore was all apart of a plan, formed by Tom and himself. He now works as a double agent, but not for Dumbledore- as the old man assumes. No, he is the Dark Lord’s double agent and it is only the Dark Lord he serves. Orion is a marked Death Eater.


    In time, in the very far off future, Orion will turn his back on Lord Voldemort, though quietly. This will come after the birth of his children and when he realizes that he cannot keep them safe from the coming wars. He will remain a Death Eater, but will begin actively working against Lord Voldemort.


    Please contact Megs and Violet to discuss this character. He is an incredibly important character in this universe and will be working directly along side staff.



    Walburga Black- 

    25 + sister-in-law + kaya scodelario

    Please read the following: subplot and Dames of Avalon


    Walburga Black, sister to Cygnus and Alphard Black, is one Lucretia’s closest friends. It seemed a happy chance to the two of them when it was announced that they would become sisters. Unlike most arranged marriages, this one was anticipated by both parties involved. While it was primarily Lucretia and Walburga who looked forward to the union, the joy the two felt would have calmed any worries that Orion or their parents might have had. It was simply their way to be more concerned with what it meant for them than what it meant for anyone else. Of course, they’d known each other since infancy and their bond was one thicker than most.


    While in Hogwarts, Walburga and Lucretia were both apart of a group called the Dames of Avalon. They were Druella Rosier’s left and right hand women, respectfully, and took part in much of the chaos that occurred because of this sorority. While Lucretia was always viewed as the sweetly spoken of the trio, Walburga and Druella had more upfront and forceful ways of handling things. Wal was aggressive in many aspects of her life, including: her loyalty, her beliefs, and her tone. It made the pair (Lu and Wal) a bit like hot and cold. This never hindered their friendship, instead it allowed them to work better in tandem.


    After graduating, they rarely spent more than a few weeks without seeing one another. After Lucretia’s miscarriage and her estrangement to her husband, Walburga was one of the few people Lu would ever agree to meet. Their friendship seemed to have no limits, that was until Orion began to act strangely.


    Walburga, like many of the wives of Death Eaters, has become aware of her husband’s activity. But she is not entirely certain of what it is he does or who it is he works for. All she knows is that she has been forbidden to speak of it openly with her cousin, Lucretia. The fact that the Prewetts have begun to be shunned by purist society only heightens things and places an unbearable anxiety on Walburga. It is only a matter of time before their friendship turns to ash…


    In the future, when Orion turns his back on the Dark Lord, Walburga will do everything in her power to protect all of her family. She does this by doing the only thing she knows, she digs into the purist ideals and proclaims them to be the one thing she values above all else. While this is partially true, Walburga is a purist and elitist at heart, she will always love her cousin and do what she must to draw eyes away from the Black family. What better disguise than this? In essence, she will help their family hide in plain sight. This will give the family a false sense of security. They will try to raise their sons with the same values, as protection, but when Sirius turns away and Regulus dies--- it will be all for nothing.


    Please contact Megs about this character


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