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  • Trade Tribune

    Name: Saenera Temador
    Age: 26
    Kingdom: Tyrgere [Neutral Kingdom]
    Occupation: Trade Tribune


    History: Saenera is the third eldest child of Sola and Vamaar Temador, lovingly raised in the neutral kingdom Tyrgere with her three other sisters Haella, Enaiah, and Vaela. She was five when Sunil, the shadow god, assimilated Tyrgere, and left with her father, Haella and Vaela for the safety of Aver (the water/ice kingdom) with whom he frequently traded. Partially raised in a separate and different culture than Tyrgere, Saenera is more empathetic and understanding of the other kingdoms. She came back to her sister, Enaiah, and mother in Tyrgere when she was roughly ten at the start of the Caldo-Aver war. With the other girls persuing their own interests, Saenera found comfort and compassion in traveling and trading with their father. As their family is well-known in Tyrgere and Saenera's obvious promise as an expert of trade, it did not take long for Aileen Harper, Tyrgere's new Consul, to offer the position of Trade Tribune to Saenera.


    Personality: The third oldest child, Saenera tends to sit back and observe rather than be at the forefront of the action. She’s very observant and passive, but when she does speak it is with wisdom, observation and fact rather than emotion. She is probably the most intelligent of all four girls (though none of the girls are lacking). She spent most of her time with her father instead of her mother, and spent a good deal of time in Aver with him after Sunil assimilated Tyrgere. She is not necessarily elitist, but holds Tyrgere’s interests and wellbeing above the rest of Eudocia.


    If interested, feel free to reach out to Nith#0245 or docleenie#8841 on discord.

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