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    What happens when love clashes over a battlefield?


    Mazarine was born the only daughter to a Steward of a Lord, her Mother dying during the difficult birth. Her Father, heartbroken, cared little for his newly arrived daughter, and as a kindness the Lord allowed her to be weaned with his youngest son who was a toddler. (For the sake of the want ad we shall call him Garret, but the name is entirely up to you!)


    Mazarine and Garret grew up together, almost close enough to be brother and sister, but his older siblings were never far away to make sure she knew her place as the daughter of a servant. Though because of her Fathers loyal service, she was given the same education as his youngest in all things, and that included swordcraft and archery.


    As typical children they loved to be outside playing as knights instead of their lessons, but they both had a real skill to match their passion, and as such the sword master worked them hard. But it was obvious it was paying off. And for Garret, he was to become a Knight, and while only nobles can become knights, she could dream about joining Garret, and riding by his side. But it was only to be a dream.


    Between them things started to change, feelings went from familrial to romantic. And on her eighteenth birthday things reached their peak. They spent the knight together by the pond on the estate, wrapped in horse blankets and laying in one another's arms. Mazarine finally thought she had found the missing part of her, the hole in her heart that always felt empty before. She thought it would be the start of their lives together, but alas she was to be disappointed twice over.


    Garret's Mother had been told of their night together, and as soon as they had arrived back to the estate Garret was told he would be going to foster with another family to learn to become a Knight. And they would be kept apart until they he left, which was in a couple of days. Mazarine swore she would write to him, and him to her.


    And then he was gone.


    Mazarine's life went from bad to worse from that, and after almost a decade she ended up one of the fiercest and loyal Rebel fights there are.


    But she never saw or heard from Garret again.


    Now the rest of his story is up to you. Did he miss her, and pine for her? Did he put aside his feelings? Did he make a Knight in record time, or did he struggle? Did he meet someone else? Has his Brother (who is now Lord of the family) trying to make a match for him with a Lady of the court?


    All this is up to you.


    Though as they think their lives are going in a certain direction, they will meet in a skirmish between the Kings men and the Rebels. How easily do they recognise one another, and how will it affect them?

    All I ask: that you use Jake Stormoen as his FC, and that they/we try to make them finals for one another. (I say try as I know that it does not always work out no matter how hard to you and steer a character one way, but I would like to try as it will be fun to try and figure out a way for them to be together.)


    If you are interested in taking "Garret" then add me on Discord LuLuBlue#1171 and we can chat!

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