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About This Coterie

For lovers of Star Trek, old to new.


  1. What's new in this coterie
  2. Rhael

    Who is your captain?

    Picard! Such an iconic character. And I just love Patrick Stewart, what a great actor.
  3. Rhael

    Favorite Series

    Discovery. I find the modern approach so refreshing. And it was about time Star Trek joined modern television. Purists of the series hate it, but that's okay. I'd rather have Star Trek continue to be aired than be a dormant franchise.
  4. Morrigan

    Favorite Ship

    Which is your favorite ship. Of course you have the Enterprise in it's many versions but there are others. I love the Defiant, small and maneuverable.
  5. Morrigan

    Favorite Episode

    You're free to list just your favorite. Your favorite per version of Star Trek or more! Tell us the episode and why you like it. For TNG it's the episode where Deanna Troy's mother comes on the shit for the first time. The mud baths and bubbles with faces in them. It always struck me as awesome. I think my second favorite is the one where the original head of security dies in the pit of tar. For DS9 it's the episode that Ezri communes with her serial killer self, Joran Dax. It was an interesting look into how well a symbiont remembers.
  6. StormyWays13

    Star Trek RPers: Glory to you...

    I ran a small star trek RP for a bit. But I have been thinking about getting back into, just in a different way.
  7. StormyWays13

    Favorite Series

    Voyager is my favorite, Janeway all the way. ❤️
  8. Morrigan

    Favorite Race

    Well what I find more interesting is that they evolved some races on a per series basis. I mean in TNG the Ferengi were whipping, hissing assholes. In DS9 they are pointed businessmen. And the Trill were just a passing thing in TNG and they were fully fleshed out in DS9. It's probably why DS9 is my fave series.
  9. Grey

    Favorite Race

    Nice! I've always had a soft spot for the Trill, too. I thought they were an inventive addition. They say that each ST series adds a niche with racial (read: human social) that couldn't be fulfilled before: TOS was a black woman in a bridge role; TNG made the CMO female and put a former enemy, a Klingon, on the bridge; DS9 had a black male CO and played with gender (via the Trill) and religion (via the Bajorans); VOY had a female Captain. And, y'know, ENT had Russell Watson singing the theme tune. #wherenoonehasgonebefore #stayhome The Romulans are awesome. The Bajoran/Cardassian conflict is enjoyable and prescient. Basically any race where there's a point. Plus, for ST RP, there's a lot of latitude in canon for these aliens, which makes it fun for writers. ^_^
  10. StormWolfe

    Star Trek RPers: Glory to you...

    I used to run a really small Trek RP on Nova ages ago! I kinda miss it.
  11. Morrigan

    Star Trek RPers: Glory to you...

    I used to own Star Trek RPs and played on a few, one was not a particularly good experience. I actually posted on the images tab quite a few of my old RPs advertisements and a few of my character manipulations. Still need to post my Orion manipulation.
  12. StormWolfe

    Star Trek RPers: Glory to you...

    I am here O'Captain, My Captain!
  13. Today is a good day to Coterie! How many of you play, or have played, on Star Trek RP?
  14. Morrigan

    Morr Star Trek Ads and Characters

    Do not use any of these without permission, thanks.
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