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About This Coterie

obscure rps and the unofficial fan club of things such as hollow knight, redwall, and mouse guard




  1. Keep in mind we may delve in things that may make you uncomfortable such as: spiders, holes, or anything to do with bugs. 
  2. Respect others and expect to be respected back.
  1. What's new in this coterie
  2. Let's enthuse about how awesome Redwall is! Mossflower Wood and all the surrounding lands would be just perfect for an rp forum, or - as I always seem to be day dreaming - a lil' tabletop game. The setting has intuitive factions built into the "goodbeasts" verses "vermin" species dynamic, excellent lore and cultures on all fronts, and is just super charming! So much opportunity to play an excellent archetype or against type - as I love to do. Expanding upon the canon foundations would not be difficult either, I think, if say...someone wanted to play an atypical species, like a bird or lizard, or desired a more AU rp than a vanilla Redwall adventure. There is so much love for this series and so much potential, with the general popularity of animal rps, I don't understand why Redwall isn't among the animal genres. I occasionally scour the web for Redwall (an' Watership Down) rps...and only have found a handful of long abandoned forums. It's such a shame.
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