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About This Coterie

Easy to use, easy to set up, easy to maintain, with all the functionality role-players need out of the box: that's what the Gaia software's designed to be. Coming ~Summer 2019.




  1. What's new in this coterie
  2. (Because sometimes these are funny.) CEO of Salt (This is me) Gaia. Gaia. The fuck even is your deal. (When I first got re-started on Alpha 4, it would absolutely not let me load the CSS via $settings->base_url, I had to do the CSS link with a relative path. Well that doesn't work past the first level of URL. So I switched it back to using $settings->base_url. Magically, inexplicably, it fucking works now.) Fire Lady of Tangents (This is @Yume) ... wow CEO of Salt (I swear to god this is like, it's not hard? It's not being an absolute bitch? It just... has weird little tics for unknown reasons, that go away shortly after for equally unknown reasons.) Idk how this bodes for production build, like jeez. If it makes a habit of just being weird, I'm like. Gaia wut u doin. Gaia why. (Pls only do this to me. I can fiddle until some unknown itch has been scratched in your back-end but you'll absolutely stump anyone else.) This is sort of amusing because tbh, and this may sound odd, but every Alpha of Gaia so far has had a different "personality." Fire Lady of Tangents I dont entirely grasp how a bit of code can have personality (much less different ones for the same project???) but stranger things have happened CEO of Salt It all kinda comes together a bit differently. It's kinda hard to explain, but code can be really fucking bitchy, like everything breaks all the damn time, it can go super smooth, it can have weird mishaps that don't make sense and somehow fix themselves... yeah. ... but tbh Alpha 3 was such an asshole I'm sorta glad 4 isn't as much of one. Also, I'm not smart and I tried running DB inserts and updates through db_query(), and it was like "Um. No." and I was like o. So, I achieved what I wanted with the database. Selects go through db_query just fine, no limiters on what it does, but inserts and updates and deletes HAVE to run through the db_insert, db_update, and db_delete functions or PDO flat won't do it. All three of which set up the basic query structure for you. So there's no, like, fucking anything up. SO I should be able to grab all the forum shit with one query run. Instead of, like, 30. (Joking it was about 4.) --- CEO of Salt So this editor theme Im using comes in multicolour And ofc, Ian Demanded it be on hot pink Im like you're not even the coder what you doin --- CEO of Salt So basically I had to fucking side-step my fucking input validation. Because there was something in it that was incorrectly failing and I couldn't figure out why and doing captchas every minute started pissing me off. But I had no idea what because whatever tf it was, was outputting a blank error. (Which tells me it wasn't a legit error, because the system has language strings for them all and if I input form shit in a manner I knew would fail, it failed and output the right message.) So I just filtered out blank ones and made it go through anyway. (I checked ALL the $_POST data. Nothing should've been failing.) (Session keys matched, everything was the right number of chars, required shit was there, this matched that, reCAPTCHA wasn't failing, etc etc.) (I got annoyed fussing with it and forced it to output what reCAPTCHA was returning and it was never failing in the first place.) Fire Lady of Tangents wow CEO of Salt So yeah, that's my code-life atm. Fire Lady of Tangents a blank error ... like what even is the point of that CEO of Salt Hoping when I get to other user-input stuff it'll TELL ME wtf is actually wrong so I can fix it instead of being forced to work around it. And it's not a database error! Both test user's registrations went through just fine and they both logged in no problem. SO. Yeah idk wtf that was. Alpha 4 being quirky again I guess.
  3. That's actually a super neat way of doing that
  4. Re: the first forum, that forum is accessible to guests, they simply can't post in it, and the ONE thread in it is marked mature. Instead of trying to filter mature threads out of the last post section of the forum display, I just made the link go away. So the activity on the forum is appropriately represented, but peeps aren't able to click into threads they shouldn't be able to read. And yeah, I figured that one out, my bad xD I know why though, and it was a quick fix. xD
  5. First of all! It's so pretty! And easy on the eyes! and it's very easy to get around it. I like the layout. It loads So Fast and it's great. Navigating as a guest works well and nothing looks odd. So the first board, guests can't see posts in, but I can see when the last time someone posted in it. Im sure you know this already given all the testing. Instead of saying u dont have access though it says that there are no result rows to show which was. odd. But again, probably just part of the still-being built. I did notice guests can edit other guest posts. So if that one's not one you knew about, might be a thing to note for next build. Over all tho omg! I'm so excite! And I can, of course, wait until it's actually done but maaaaaaan I also can't because I can't wait to be able to use it for stuff. >< ... I will eventually register and continue playing but I wanted to gush bc this is great so far.
  6. Build: Alpha 4 So unfortunately the development server hard drive for Gaia's Alpha 4 build just corrupted all to hell on me. Basically means the drive's dying. I'll have to get a new hard drive for it before I can continue development, not sure how long that'll take but I don't wanna keep going and end up losing it all to a drive crash. Aight found a spare hard drive lying around that was actually a backup drive for basement toaster... so I'll need to replace it eventually, but we're back on the road. Start Date: February 13, 2019 It may also interest you to know there's a preview installation of Gaia Alpha 3 on In Populus. (Register on it, play with it, whatever. It'll be the best you get for a while because I think some major changes are happening in Alpha 4.) Major database function overhaul. Again. Another file restructure. Renamed Gaia's helper class to bee. So Gaia now has a little worker bee. xD Support for today and yesterday time-stamping. (No idea why that's what I did first but Hello.) Themes working again. Theme variant skeleton. Password strength metre. Registering/logging in/staying logged in. Redid the database functions... again... Better WYSIWYG. Yeah, you read that right.
  7. Arceus


    Group management screen. Honestly, this is probably the simplest and clearest I could make it. For clarity's sake, I basically have done away with permissions in Gaia. You can give a group moderator or admin privileges, the former grants moderation powers on the site, and the latter grants access to the admin panel as well, but basically forum access is controlled per-board, and a switch can be flipped to turn on guest posting in a given forum, and anywhere else there's another guest-posting switch. So... I decided Gaia doesn't need permissions.
  8. Arceus


    Here we have our member group management screen. Tables, who needs tables? (They're so annoying, guys. Tables are the Worst.)
  9. Arceus


    WOOHOO PAGINATION. I actually have pagination relegated to the helper class, so basically, I can paginate anything that requires a database call to function more or less in half a minute. I also paginated the ACP notes.
  10. Build: Alpha 3 Start Date: February 9, 2019 Pagination functionality. RSS feed skeleton. Custom page skeleton. Member group management. (Tables, what tables, we don't need no stinkin' tables.) File uploader back-end code is less stupid. Improved the success and error feedback message handling. (Gaia is so smooth at this stage you guys, I'm serious, it's like fucking butter, when the hell did I learn to code this well.) Custom start page. Rules and credits page management. Splash page management. Stalkable online list. Aforementioned stalkable online list will say which profile a user is viewing. Enable or disable users viewing HTML source in post editor. Editor font colour list is now definable by admin. Category management for forum system. Forum management system. Adjusted and improved the SEO-string function. Support for individual grid or row forum layout per user. Board index display. Sub-forum handling. New topic creation. Topic display. Mature content filter fully operable. Post replying. Forum topic and post counts. Jumps to new message after posting. Post editing.
  11. Arceus


    Currently this is what profiles look like. I'll spiffy them up a bit more later, and should probably also make it a bit more mobile-friendly because I think it's not right now. xD BUT YO PROFILES EXIST. If a user's changed their name and you visit an old link with the old name, it'll redirect to the new one.
  12. Arceus


    Profile tab. This one will have custom fields in it under the birth date bit.
  13. Arceus


    Avatar upload tab, with a very fancy file selector. When a file is selected, a bar will pop up under it that tells what file the user chose, so they know it's selected right.
  14. Arceus


    Woowoo profile modify! All the little options and such. I had some minor issue figuring out what should go where, but I think I did alright.
  15. Arceus


    This is the final ACP core settings page. It is awesomely beautiful and I kinda wanna marry it. It doesn't have insurance, though.
  16. Arceus


    This time format drop-down selector and I went to War. It is actually QUITE difficult to do time-format changes in an app that supports multiple languages. Listen, my time-life would be much easier if I ditched the language support. xD
  17. Arceus


    ACP on a smaller screen. Bit wonky still, so I may have to futs with it some more but otherwise, fairly okay.
  18. Of course I can help for Aussie/UK!
  19. Arceus


    Bootstrap modals for help dialogues, woooOOooooo...
  20. This is for me to keep track of where I've gotten on development and what's working as of current build, and all you lovely people to keep an eye on. Also will probably be a decent tracker of how quickly development's going. Build: Alpha 1 Start Date: January 31, 2019 Database functionality. Register a new user. Login. Remain logged in. Basic page functionality. Localisation switching. View display. Build: Alpha 2 Start Date: February 5, 2019 Post functionality. ACP wrappers and pages. Core settings (site name, URL, time formatting, enabling a few standard options, etc). (Lord that was a Fite.) User profiles. User avatars and profile modification. Severe restructuring and rewriting of the database functions to be more flexible and capable of more.
  21. If you happen to fluently read and write a language besides US English (yep, Aussies, Canadians, and Brits can help with the UK English translations too), and want to help translate Gaia's language strings from English into that language, just post here to let us know which language. When Beta 1 is released, I'll package up all the language files in a .zip and pass them on, so we can get non-English language support going. I will mention there are a few special cases re: languages where we will be doing multiple translations for the same language based on specific locale: English: I've got US English down, we need UK/AU (Australia, RPG-I. Bad.)/CA English. Spanish: Spain-Spanish and Latin America-Spanish. French: France-French and Canadian-French. Portuguese: Portugal-Portuguese and Brazilian-Portuguese. Chinese: Traditional and Simplified. Make sure you use UTF-8! All of Gaia is built on the UTF-8 charset! That's all, folks~
  22. Once I move Aereth off my test Nova site, I'll have a domain and host free. I can do the Village Idiot set-up when you get that far. Let you know how idiot-proof it needs to be for installation. I'll also gladly help on the beta testing. As far as maintenance goes once it's launched - I am pretty good with troubleshooting basic installation issues (Nova taught me alot there) so I can do the one end-user to another type things if/when needed. Like, go here, click this, fill out this form, etc. Blessed Be!
  23. If I had to guess, probably because it's just a lot of work for one person, and not a lot of people in the RP community can code well enough to do it solo (I actually barely can, so I'll be kind of depending on Gaia's users to tell me when they have an issue or find a security hole). Plus, the maintenance. Honestly coding and then maintaining such a software is going to be quite the time-sink, but I am crazy and my priorities are a bit skewed. xD Probably I won't need any helpers until beta 1 rolls around. What I intend to do with that is, when beta 1's ready, I'll do a sign-up deal, and put up a new Gaia installation for each tester, unless they specifically want to test together on the same installation, get admin logins happening and let y'all have at it. It'll basically be a "set this up like you were putting your site on it" deal, and then just post up any bugs you run into along the way. (Non-technically-inclined people having a go at it during beta will be super helpful, so ~everyone, basically don't ever think you can't help beta test, especially not for me, if you can't code or whatever. Your eyes are the ones I need on my work the most, absolutely, especially with Gaia because Gaia is designed for you. If you can't use it, Gaia failed.) c: Glad you're so excited though! It's helpful for motivation xD
  24. @Arceus I cannot even begin to state how totally jazzed I am over Gaia. It is gonna be THE THING! Having a software less nich-y than Nova that is designed for roleplayers by a roleplayer is...well...I don't don't why it hasn't been done yet. Nova gets close and Nova 3 sounds like it will be over the top fantastic. However, unless they make mega changes, it will still be mainly oriented for science fiction, Star Trek, etc. I am the untechie, however, anything I can do to help - hit me up! PS: I so love the name too! Gaia! Awesome!
  25. Arceus


    Friggin CSS toggles with FontAwesome. These are just regular checkboxes with fancy CSS going on, but they're cute and great visual indicators of toggle status. Even colour-coded!
  26. Arceus


    This is the finished ACP notes section. I had quite a bit of trouble getting it to pull the notes from database and that's mostly because I wasn't very smart about it, and kept trying to procedural my objects... yeah... xD
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