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  • A Dream of Spring
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    A Dream of Spring

    • Type: Fandom
    • Fandom: TV: Game of Thrones
    • Genre: Human, Medieval Magic, Warring Kingdoms
    • RPG Rating: A Dream of Spring RPG Rating
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    King Rhaegar is dead, long live King Jon. The king’s passing marks over twenty-five years of peace in the realm since the failed rebellion of the now deceased Lord Robert Baratheon. As well as the attempt by House Greyjoy, trying to seize power at a moment of perceived weakness, they also paid for their crimes. All of which ushered in the time of peace.


    There are whispers that the relatively young and healthy king Rhaegar may not have been taken into the care of the Stranger, quite so innocently.


    Facing the start of his own reign with those kinds of such rumors and threats, King Jon Targaryen has moved back to the newly reconstructed capital in King’s Landing to begin his coronation ceremony. The original King’s Landing had been destroyed by Wildfire during the siege by the Lannisters. The new city and renewed capital which has been paid in full by the Lannisters are about the only thing Jon feels he has control over.


    The determination now to is to hold the throne inherited from his father as well as respect the legacy of his mother and her Northern blood. As he is unwed, the new king has become the focus for all kinds of interest. Some wanted and others less so, who can he afford to trust.

    If his father was murdered, can anyone be safe? 

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    The banners have been called, the plots made, the rebels (mostly) united and now the Seven Kingdoms are fracturing into the two sides of this battle, with those who still support the Iron Throne and King Jon on one said and then the rebels in the south who challenge his rule and his right to the throne. There are some who suggest that the princess Rhaenys Targaryen is behind all of this, but is she merely a convenient figurehead for other darker forces and secret motives. 
    And what of those in Essos? Princess Shaena had given birth to her twin sons, her sister wed to a northern lord is soon to do the same and their quest to secure a cure for the Princess Shaena's husband, Lord Robin Arryn has been halted. But how will they react to these tidings? 
    Is that a red comet in the sky?

    The king’s passing 5 months ago marked over twenty-five years of peace in the realm since the failed rebellions.


    Now is the season for new alliances, the king has announced a marriage between himself and Lady ASHA GREYJOY, while his sister SHAENA TARGARYEN is now the bride of Lord ROBIN ARRYN, who will next be married? The king or another of his sisters? Whatever the case, the whole of the Seven Kingdoms is watching for what unfolds as new connections are formed and the politics start to shift with the ever-changing winds and whims of the people and the hand of the Seven upon it all.




    Exciting News! We are allowing the creation of magic characters, both from the show/books as well as original ones. At the same time we've opened up the whole continent of Essos as well as Beyond the Wall for our players to take advantage of - and many have! You can now make a Yi Ti Merchant, a Shadowbinder from beyond the Shadow of Asshai or even a Dothraki bloodrider or Wildling, it is entirely up to you!





    The marriage between ASHA GREYJOY and KING JON TARGARYEN was not met with the best of of thoughts from the Lords and Ladies of the Seven Kingdoms. It was a slight against the North, it was a slight against the Tyrells and any other Vassal House that had a daughter for Jon to wed. While this was something that could be forgiven, or at least just grumbled about in the dark, the assassination attempts for any and all that might have claim to the throne, was not. While these attempts were met with confusion and anger, nothing harmed others more than AELOR TARGARYEN, crown Prince, and MARGAERY TYRELL, were killed in an attack against their ship right after their wedding. This put the already strained Kingdoms into an uproar, and when EDMYN TULLY, son of VISERYS TARGARYEN, came forward with a letter that he found on the body of the man that tried to kill him that had the royal seal of the King on it. Do you believe that King Jon is succumbing to Targaryen Madness and trying to kill his heirs, or will you stand by his side and know that he would never do such a thing? Come join in and find out where you will fall. 



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    I am bias because I am staff but this site has incredible, friendly members. I have been RPing for a million years but people really go out of their way to include new members into storylines already established. Usually in a site this big, people feel left out and like they cannot connect with new people but I have noticed the exact opposite on this site. 

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    I joined the other week, and within hours I got my first character created. The following day he was accepted and I got stuck right in, with a bunch of people offering plots left, right, and centre. A great group of people, whom are easy to get along with. Everyone is willing to help new people, and are quite willing to think with you in terms of what you want for a character and a plot.


    Would definitely recommend. Knowledge of show is not required (I mean, I'm only in season 2 myself).

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