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  • A Dream of Spring
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    A Dream of Spring

    • Type: Fandom
    • Fandom: TV: Game of Thrones
    • Genre: Historical Magic, Medieval Magic, Warring Kingdoms
    • RPG Rating: A Dream of Spring RPG Rating



    The Summer's War has come to an end and Winter is Coming.


    King Jon Targaryen commands THE NORTH, THE VALE, and the IRON ISLANDS still from Winterfell while the rest of the kingdoms have become independent of the Targaryen king. Not all is well though. THE REACH, commanded by the Royalty of House Tyrell for the first time in its existence, is coming to terms with what it means to truly rule. THE STORMLANDS, led by Shireen Baratheon, try to rise from the ashes of their royal losses with a young and vulnerable queen. THE RIVERLANDS, led by Lysa Tully, struggle to contain their river lords. Then there is DORNE, that also has power transition with Arianne Martell, adjusting to a new reign and newfound independence.


    The WESTERLANDS has seen the assassination of Lord Tyrion Lannister and his pregnant wife, leaving the kingdom in turmoil. While its heir continues to serve King Jon, Lady Joanna Stark nee Lannister has come to serve as its Regent. They are under the control of the Rebel Kingdoms but want to serve King Jon. How this power play will unfold is yet to be seen. The CROWNLANDS, announced a free kingdom by the rebels, await to hear who will rule them. There are not many Rebel Targaryens to choose from and for now a Crownlands Council made up of a member of the royal house of each Rebel Kingdom sees to the day to day ruling of the land.


    Meanwhile in ESSOS, the death of many has seen the rise of the sweet sound of dragonsong across the world for the first time in centuries. There are once more dragons, in the hands of Targaryens no less, but will they live to become fearsome beasts? Those beholden to the dragons have joined into an uneasy alliance with the Dothraki to see them through their infancy. Yet cultural differences might undo the bond just forged.


    An unexpected peace has come to Westeros. Though tensions are still high between the Targaryen Realm and The Rebel Kingdoms the war between them has come to a complete halt. The maesters send word that winter is indeed coming to their lands again. What will be revealed in the dark and the cold?

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    The Seven Kingdoms is no more, the defeat of Jon Targaryen has seen the end of the the united kingdoms and also the flying of the White Raven by the maesters which announces the arrival of Winter. The lands will have to figure out not only have to be independent - in the case of those who rebelled against Jon Targaryen and the Iron Throne but also how to survive a Winter as well. It will be an incredibly challenging time and one that no one could predict the outcome from.


    Jon Targaryen has settled (for now) in THE NORTH and is building both a home and potentially a new legacy there, in the meantime the northerners adjust to news of Daenerys Targaryen marrying the heir to the Stark name. It unties the two families but will have consequences of its own.


    Meanwhile, the Faith of the Seven is both unsettled and uneasy, with more women ruling or in line for succession it is putting into question the traditions and customs they hold dear, not to mention this business of Jon Targaryen and the others, no one wishes to entertain some renewal of the ancient and terrible DANCE OF THE DRAGONS. But what can be done to mitigate that? There is some word that the VALE OF ARRYN is set to propose talks of peace.

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    • Mace1993

      Types of characters: Family,Friends,Other

      House Tarly has experienced many ups and downs. Before the war they were on a high. Randyll Tarly, head of their house, was master of war to both king jon and king rhaegar before him. He always tried to undermine the efforts of the tyrells to rise for he

    • Mace1993

      Types of characters: Family,Friends,Other

      House Thorne is a vassal house to House Targaryen. It is located within the Crownlands and holds fealty directly to the elected monarchs of the Seven Kingdoms. They emblazon their sigil with a silver flail on red. Their words are unknown.

    • Mace1993

      Types of characters: Family,Friends,Other

      Walder Frey has almost thirty children by many wives and those children have kids and grandkids. There are literally hundreds of Freys. This is only a request for those made from the Walder Frey and Bethany Rosby union.

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    If you are looking for a mature group of writers that are always up for new ideas and plots, then this is the place for you. I have never  felt more at home in a community of writers like I have with this site. 

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