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    About Us: 

    Absinthe is a realistic historical forum set in London in 1850.   Our emphasis is on the written word and the ability to tell a dramatic and engaging tale woven with intricacy to entrap the reader. Our concept is based on popular literature and musicals like Phantom of the Opera, Sweeney Todd, Jekyll & Hyde, Jack the Ripper and My Cousin Rachel.

    The site was originally created as a compliment to the field of historical sites catering to those who wish to step back in time and create a world around historical ancestry. We welcome dark intrigue here. As we are a 3/3/3 rating, we encourage well thought out plots that contain violence, mystery, calamity, the macabre, and the suspenseful. Those of us who write here enjoy living in the shadows and writing in blood, or the angst and intrigue of a new romance.

    We are always accepting new plots and different ideas.  Below is a list of the current site plots that currently have characters in play on Absinthe.  As the site grows, we will introduce more global plots, but please don't feel as if your play is limited to only these areas.  These global plots serve as a jumping off point if you wish to get involved right away in Absinthe's community at large as you should have someone to write with immediately.  Most of our events will be relegated to these global plots as well and while participation isn't necessary, they serve as a way to interact with the community at large, and also to earn character awards. 


    Upper Class Nobility
    The first overarching global plot on Absinthe involves the glamour and pomp of the wealthy Noble aristocracy in the Ton. Those who consider it their calling, and those fighting to find a place among the well to do social elite. But beneath the fanfare, humanity's ugliest traits tarnish the silver facade of the most admired titles. Vanity, greed, lust, gluttony, and pride are at war and everyone can be used as a pawn to advance the selfish motivations of the most ruthless among them. Violence, murder, and trafficking are some of the calling cards of the wealthiest in the peerage and is the largest and most popular draw to the Absinthe community.  Will you be a victim or a victor? 


    Bettencourt's Gentlemen's Club
    Serving the peerage as an exclusive upscale gentlemen's club and brothel, Bettencourt's is notorious in reputation and second to none in selection, The club is THE place to see and be seen, all while relaxing with a fine cigar, a good glass of fine scotch, and a pretty lady on your lap over a game of cards. But life behind the scenes takes on a more sinister twist. Where does Sebastion Cross acquire the girls that work for him and where does this mysterious fortune seeker with so much influence on the life and entertainment of some of the most wealthy men in society hail from?


    Irish & Romany Gypsies
    Frowned upon by polite society, the Gypsies have long been rumored by the people of London to be child snatchers, witches and mystics.  The bands of gypsies that settled in London in the 19th century remain a mystery even today as most of their records were told through stories by word of mouth.  But what is known is explored in more detail on Absinthe.  The gypsies traveled throughout the countryside taking up odd farming jobs to help pay their way and were truly a nomadic people; settling in London on shared plots of land when the harvest was over. Here we explore the world of these mystic camps where families are bonded together by blood and experience.  For centuries they traveled together; some originating from as far away as India and Russia, Thus, these are a close-knit people who enjoy a less structured existence that is no less focused on faith and family.  


    Behind the Curtain
    In our newest global plot, we explore the world of theatre behind the velvet curtains in two of the largest and most well-known play and opera houses in London.  At the Royal Victorian Theatre, ownership has just passed into the hands of Rose Doyle; the former lover and leading songbird of David Easton; who leased the theatre before her. A tenacious businesswoman, Rose is intent on seeing the play house's success.  But across town at the Theatre Royal, Nicholas Cash is determined to see his own opera house becoming the only destination for London's elite.  At the heart of both theatres are the players, playwrights, dancers, and singers that make up every production.  Their lives are a bohemian existence that revolves around rehearsals, performances, and auditions; some renowned internationally for their work and talents.  


    Our site is young and there is considerable interest in writing in this format.  We look forward to having you explore the site! Absinthe is for intermediate to advanced players who have a love of long-term intricate plots.  While word count isn’t our main focus, we try to ensure posts range to 500 words or higher and include intelligent detail.  




    Some unique features to our new community:

    - User CP apps:  all apps are housed in the main user CP and are shown on the main profile.  There is no need to fill out complicated dohtml apps with coding
    - BBCode enabled: To ensure no one feels pressured to understand complicated coding, dohtml is disabled in posting sections.  However, there are customizable bbcodes for those who want their posts to have a little extra flare.  Dohtml is enabled in more creative areas of the forum such as development boards, letters, thread trackers and want ads.  
    - Victim Accounts: Ever wanted to play a victim for someone who had every intention of killing you off but didn't want to go through all the hassle of creating a character to do so?  Well, who are we to discourage you?  On Absinthe, we have designated victim accounts so that you and your murderous counterpart can play out all of the bloody details without affecting any of your long-term characters. 
    - Canons:  We have an extensive canon list to choose from with more to come in the future with expansion!
    - Discord Embed: Our discord chat is embedded on the main page and easily navigatable.  
    - Easily Viewable: We understand that some people have trouble viewing dark skins.  A light skin option is available to our members under the skin selector.  


    Site Updates

    February, 2019

    - Congratulations to Bubbles, our February Member Spotlight Receiver! 
    - Our new event is The Greenwich Fair.  

    - We have grown by 4 new members and 12 approved characters in January! 
    - We received second place for sites less than 1 year old in RPGD's Member Choice Contest. 

    March, 2019

    - Congratulations to Stracksblack, our March Member Spotlight Receiver!

    - Our new event is Hearts for Sale
    - We have grown by 7 new members and 12 approved characters in February!
    - Check out the latest Absinthe Chronicle here!
    - We're now on tumblr!

    April, 2019

    - Congratulations to Wildflower our April Member Spotlight Receiver!
    - Our new event is Derby Day!
    - We have grown by 5 new members and 8 approved characters in March!

    -Check out our latest Chronicle here!

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