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    • Book: Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Book: World of Darkness
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    Darkness over the Emerald City. Here among the throngs that thrive after dark, walk those who embrace it. A city now divided between territories, loyalties, and subterfuge. All beneath the blind eyes of the human cattle who live and work within its sea-bordered land. Were's now build and settle into their own lands, prepared to defend them from the Vampires and even those humans who armed with the weak knowledge of internet and rumor hunt.

    Where do you fit? Will you fall victim to the rule of coven and Prince? Will you guard the forests and drive back threats? Or will you strive to fill the ranks of the Anarch in these nights?

    Welcome to Emerald City Noir, Seattle USA

    Here you will find everything that goes bump in the night! We follow our own canon, but our world is set in World of Darkness verse.

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    ONE of the most significant dates in prehistoric and early historic Ireland was the Festival Of Bealtaine. The first of May is the ancient festival of Bealtaine or Beltane, the cross quarter day marking the midway point between the spring equinox and the summer solstice.

    It is exactly six months away from Samhain - the New Year on November 1. Like many ancient festivals the date has an agricultural significance as it marks the end of the unfarmable winter in the Northern hemisphere and symbolised the start of the summer - when the cattle were moved to the high pastureland. The word Bealtaine is still used in the Irish language and translates as the month of May.

    Old traditions involved lighting fires at sunset on Oíche Bealtaine or May Eve, April 30, and these traditions still survive in part of the country, particularly in parts of Munster. The name is said to derive from Old Irish, meaning "bright fire" where Bel means light - the Celtic sun and healer god was Belenus.

    In ancient times the main Beltane fire was lit at the Hill of Uisneach in County Westmeath - regarded as the centre of the country and traditionally known as the navel of Ireland. Prior to the lighting of the main fire, hearth fires were extinguished and cinders and torches from the main bonfire would pass from townland to townland where each community would light their own bonfires. Passing between two bonfires was seen as a rite of purification and herds of cattle were driven between two fires in many villages. Members of the community would also pass between the fires and it was considered lucky to do this while the more daring would leap the bonfire to ensure their fertility in the coming year.

    On the morning of May 1 many people would rise at dawn to collect flowers and boughs from the mountain ash or rowan tree to hang across doorways or on the outside of the windows of their homes. The usual traditions of hospitality and generosity were turned on their heads as anything taken from the home on May Day could be used for malicious spells against the owner and guests were turned away at the door.

    Other traditions on Bealtaine include walking the circuit of one's property (beating the bounds), repairing fences and boundary markers as well as feasting, dancing and drinking. According to the ancient Irish Book of Invasions, the first settler of Ireland, Partholan, arrived on May 1, and it was on May 1 that the plague came that destroyed his people. Years later, the mythical group knows as the Milesians, were said to have conquered the Tuatha De Danann on May Day.

    Upon this eve and day into the next eve fires shall be lit on the lands of Avalon. The feasts laid out and those who wish to attend the stones rituals will come. This is both a celebration of the Goddess and the spring God as well as the raid that drove the enemy back off the lands.The eve of the great rite and the blessings of fertility and further success across the lands. All fey are welcome.

    OOC- To avoid a mass collision on one thread. Post independent threads in Avalon with the tag line Bealtaine and tag the ones you wish to interact with. This will avoid a one long awful thread where people get lost.

    Above all have fun and please enjoy. Also any areas of the city that hold a May day special sort of play please let us know so we may place the Beltane badge. Again enjoy and any questions please hit up Bunneh. The May King Race has begun!! Who shall you bet upon?




    Winter Tree Spirits GIF



    The May Queen has been crowned and a Summers Abduction. Secrets abound

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    I have found that I have enjoyed my time interacting with everyone and the stories that are shared. It's a nice group of writers and I find myself looking forward to continuing tales with them. 

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       1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

    I might be biased, however we have such a sterling group of writers and staff that it astounds me every day. Stories with awesome plot bunny threads, great characters, ever evolving lore and a staff I money cannot buy. So many kudos I have no words for how blessed I am to be in this little world with them

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