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    • Type: Original
    • Fandom: Book: Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter, Book: World of Darkness
    • Genre: Horror, Mythical Creatures, Supernatural
    • RPG Rating: Affliction RPG Rating



    Darkness over the Emerald City. Here among the throngs that thrive after dark, walk those who embrace it. A city now divided between territories, loyalties, and subterfuge. All beneath the blind eyes of the human cattle who live and work within its sea-bordered land. Were's now build and settle into their own lands, prepared to defend them from the Vampires and even those humans who armed with the weak knowledge of internet and rumor hunt.

    Where do you fit? Will you fall victim to the rule of coven and Prince? Will you guard the forests and drive back threats? Or will you strive to fill the ranks of the Anarch in these nights?

    Welcome to Emerald City Noir, Seattle USA

    Here you will find everything that goes bump in the night! We follow our own canon, but our world is set in World of Darkness verse.

    Site Updates

    Ba'al, The Lord of Lords

    This is relative to Aegis members and those who are involved/related in some way. Ba'al plans to open all the gates to Hell on Earth. This requires seeking a variety of artifacts across the globe that become the key to unleashing all evil on earth.

    The cousins, Sienna and Satine are on an active pursuit to retrieve these artifacts before Ba'al gets to them. Obstacles await for those who join in this affair, and creepy things afoot!

    Each Artifact has a Pit Boss attached to it, in which those in search will have to face to successful retrieve them.

    The Occulus - "The Teacher" - IN PROGRESS (Angels and Clisthert)

    The Obsidian Dagger - "The Titan" - Tartaros - To Descend Beyond - In Progress with Satine, Torstein, and Tyr.

    The Plague Mask - "The Doctor" - Poveglia - TBD

    The Helm - "The Cursed Doll" - Island of Dolls - COMPLETE (Satine/Torstein) - REZO AL SEÑORMI ALMA PARA MANTENER

    The Scepter - "The King" - TBD - The Angst of Things to Come (this is where Torstein hasn't realized how close he'd been to an artifact that Ba'al was after. In "Forgive the Damned" he will be made known to where he had failed. The angels will be dealing with a threat in relation to the Scepter)

    The Eye of Zerkah - "Bloody Mary" - TBD

    The Cauldron - "The Frog" - TBD

    Tlon Uqbar Orbis Tertius (The Book of the Abyss) - In Progress

    The Telescope - "The Captain" - The Ghost Ship - TBD

    The Cube - "The Director" - Los Angeles - TBD (Shimmiel/Zuul)

    Involved: Aegis, Angels, & Demons




    The Blight

    A quiet death that is slowly spreading within the Feywild. It has affected the elves, mermaids, and other fey species, and plan to eat up life. You cannot feel the Blight until it latches on- rather, it consumes you. Void of anything, it even lacks a scent. The Blight has a sentience of its own; it chooses who is worthy of bearing its mark and surviving - they are known as "The Shadowed Ones." Their weakness is light, because it gives them a solid form. Otherwise, they are shadowy agents that work in spreading the Blight like an infection among the magical world. Slowly, it is making its way beyond the Feywild toward the domain of humans.

    Excerpt: ”You must tell her, my lord.” Vale urged, as Thea stared on with wonder. The twins had paused during their meal, looking truly hopeful. When Lessia was dismissed, his icy gaze flew back to Alora with a pained expression. A flash of anger turned to hurt finally broke his icy expression. ”Family,” he revealed, ”it’s my father, Alora. The sickness has taken half of him. It began, first, as a black mark on the back of his hand - but it began spreading. We scent no rot. Nothing. It is an essence truly devoid of anything, and our healers do not know what they are facing. My mother had us seek you for the answers, and now I know that she is right to send us here.” - Leafar Alession, The Gray Prince

    Mentioned Here - The Gray Elves and the Moon Elves have encountered this.

    Open to all Fey/Supernatural Plots

User Feedback

I might be biased, however we have such a sterling group of writers and staff that it astounds me every day. Stories with awesome plot bunny threads, great characters, ever evolving lore and a staff I money cannot buy. So many kudos I have no words for how blessed I am to be in this little world with them

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