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    Welcome to After Always: A Next Generation Marriage Law Harry Potter RPG.


    The new Minister of Magic knows the best way to control the wizarding community is to utilize the fear of magic disappearing from their lives forever. His tactics caused the removal of his predecessor Hermione Granger from her position of power and set his own agenda in motion. His latest decree mandates a marriage law, forcing magical citizens to marry those he deems appropriate in order to produce heirs, which will secure the magical bloodlines. In his world, purebloods reign, and muggleborns will eventually become extinct. All hope is not lost, for other countries are responding, as well as those within London who are creating a resistance to fight against such archaic viewpoints. 


    Which side will you choose?


    Profile Application   +   No Word Count   +   Canon and Original Characters

    afteralwaysad copy.png

    Coming soon: Creature registration mandate and Halloween events!


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