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    Altered States

    • Type: Original
    • Fandom: Myths and Fairytales
    • Genre: Gods & Dieties, Human, Modern Earth
    • RPG Rating: Altered States RPG Rating
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    Five years ago, the whole world changed. Following a highly publicized firefight in Times Square, the world at large learned of the existence of supernatural species among them. The consequences resounded through every level of life, from grocery stores whose supplies sold out from people convinced that the world was ending to world leaders who had to decide how each of their countries were going to handle the new supernatural crisis. Hunters, who had once kept their activities from the world, grew bolder with the revelations.

    The small city of Sage Valley, Idaho has long been a sanctuary for the supernatural races of the world, founded by the Esa River Pack of Lycans and their Alphas. In the centuries that followed, humans have found their way in, never realizing that they lived among the supernatural. With the revelation, many are now starting to question who among them is not really human. Even so, with nearly 90% of the population a member of a supernatural race, they are in the frightened minority.

    With all the upheaval in the world, alliances among the supernatural races are tentative at best. Although the Payette Accords established rules and peace between them, some are looking to grab a little more power in response to the crisis, while others are more concerned with the influx of Hunters into the territory, pursuing those who fled for their own safety. With everything so tentative, it wouldn't take much for town of Sage Valley could easily fall into chaos.

    And a certain god of chaos is more than willing to give them the push.

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